ZDM: The New World of New Energy Material Investment

In face of many uncertainties in the global macro-economy, the high-security income margin of the real economy, especially real assets, is gradually emerging. However, in terms of physical assets with high value-added properties such as new energy and new materials, mineral resources, and real estate, they are mostly presented in the form of heavy assets. In traditional mode, the investment channel is not only single but relatively high, and it is not friendly to investors who want to invest in high-quality physical assets.

Technology promotes financial change, the Internet provides the most basic guarantee for the development of asset securitization. Similarly, the blockchain, as the underlying technology, may bring an investment landscape that is more imaginative and subversive than traditional investment paradigms such as “asset securitization”: asset token. Then, what kind of wonderful spark will it produce when the physical assets represented by the new energy material mineral resources, which are “favorite” by investors, meet with the token? 

Recently, completed a financing of 100 million US dollars, and plans to issue worth 2 billion US dollars, officially opening the world’s largest STO layout. As the world’s largest new energy and new material mineral resources asset token project, what are the new advantages and possible imagination of ZDM?

Token, Supported by Strong Endorsement of The Value of New Materials and New Minerals

At present, in most of the token projects, token’s value is supported by the practicality of the real society, the commercial scene and people’s demand for Token, and even if there are very few who are supported only by speculation and numbers, the value of these Tokens is naturally unstable. 

In contrast, ZDM is unique in that it combines blockchain technology with new energy and new material mineral resources as a support for Token to make a strong credit endorsement: 

Taking the new energy and new material mineral resources as the underlying assets, taking Token as the characterization voucher, and the physical assets are mapped to the chain through the technology public chain to realize the digitization of new energy and new materials mineral resources. That is, behind every Token, there is a real anchor of a new energy material mineral resources, which is similar to the gold-bearing pound under the gold standard (or the “paper gold” project, which can be exchanged in kind at any time behind it), and the same as the current hot stable token project – the connotation value of Token, supported by the strong endorsement of the underlying assets, is naturally the most solid.


Moreover, the underlying assets of token project of ZDM are still high-quality assets: the “world’s largest magnesium nickel-silicon cobalt mine” discovered by SRK exploration and evaluation by the international authority, with proven reserves of 9.4 billion tons, the comprehensive utilization rate of the resources reached 93.9%, and the total resource reserves and total value of more than one trillion yuan. In addition, they are acquiring more rare new energy materials around the world, and the quality of reserve is adequate and still expanding.  

Token directly anchors ownership, invigorating usufruct

This time, ZDMchose to anchor 33% of total assets and usufruct, issued USD 2 billion digital assets through the U.S. SEC token, and the US SEC has been filed for approval. Under the expectation that ZDMmulti-phase investment will continue to recover the cost of profit, “Token” is equivalent to “stock”, which not only ensures the ownership of assets, but also realizes the concretization of the income dividend right, and ensures the discount of cash flow for each period in the future:

Based on the independent technical report issued by SRK in conjunction with the researchable report, the total economic analysis of the first, second and third phases of the project is carried out using the discounted cash flow method, with a discount rate of 8%, 9%, 10%, 11%, 12%, 13%, 14% and 15%, respectively, with a valuation of 75.5 billion, 66.1 billion and 58.3 billion, respectively. 51.6 billion, 45.8 billion, 40.9 billion, 36.6 billion, 32.9 billion.

In this way, Token has become a very convenient voucher for dividends, which is very important for improving Token’s liquidity and valuation transfer, and also allows ordinary investors to have the opportunity to buy “unicorns” and high-quality new energy and new material mineral resources equity, thus providing a strong support for the future of Token’s circulation trading.  

In short, the mineral resources under ZDM’s name are sufficient reserves and its future market prospects are broad, ensuring the security of ownership and the future stability of income expected from the right to share profits.

Token Makes Assets Reach “Gaseous Dispersion”

“The future will be dominated by projects with large amounts of capital”, and asset-to-equity chains and trade flows has always been one of the most imaginative directions in the future. In this process, Token is the most critical core. 

Traditional physical assets can be regarded as “solid”, and asset securitization can be regarded as a further step: the “liquidification” of assets. The asset-basedization of blockchain-based assets can be seen as the ultimate step in asset formation: asset “gaseous”. 

Compared to the lowest trading unit for each type of securities in asset securitization, Token’s equity is infinitely divisible, which greatly reduces the investment threshold of ordinary investors. Compared to investors who may have been able to participate in investing in an ordinary small mineral through tens of millions of private equity, under the subdivision of Token, not only can they directly invest in new energy and new material mineral resources, but the threshold is greatly reduced to almost zero, and the scope of off-site funding has been greatly expanded.  

At the same time, traditional securities must be traded at a specified trading time and place, that is, securitized assets can not flow across platforms (or the cost of cross-platform turnover replacement is extremely high). It is itself a “liquid” and needs containers. Therefore, its liquidity is naturally very limited, and it is not able to realize the flow of random locations at random times in the world. This is no doubt very unfriendly for the circulation of new energy new material mineral resources, which is the global 7X24 hour strong demand attribute assets, which may cause additional transaction friction losses;

Token, on the other hand, is absolute liquidity, it breaks the time and geographical restrictions, and its liquidity is much better than stocks (Whether it is time, geographical or physical restrictions, it can be said that the liquidity of many small listed companies is certainly not comparable to the asset certification project of ZDM in the future). 

At the same time, with the help of the technical characteristics of the blockchain, the circulation of new energy, new materials, and mineral resources corresponding to Token can be quickly confirmed, safe and convenient, and achieve Internet-like experience, and the handling fees (transaction costs) are extremely low. This is in line with the “Coase theorem” in economics — when the property rights are clear and the circulation friction is almost zero, the market-oriented allocation of resources will reach Pareto optimal, avoiding unnecessary resource depletion. It is helpful for the whole new energy, new material and mineral resources development project to allocate funds for its long-term sustainable development in the future. 

In the future, ZDM, combined with blockchain technology, will use technology public chains to link physical asset information, production data information, and income information, so that information is open and transparent, and can not be tampered with, and digital physical assets are realized. When anchoring new energy materials and mineral resources assets, investors can supervise the entire process of production, sales, profits, etc. in real time, and effectively protect investors’ interests.

Moreover, the assets under the chain are mapped to the chain, and the real circulation and transaction on the chain is the arrival of the real proof economy, which can bring inaccessibility. Therefore, the world’s largest new energy new material resource asset certification project launched by ZDMis worthy of our special expectation.

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