PetPoint Medical Center and Resort: Locally Renowned Pet Clinic Builds State of the Art Commercial Kitchen Taking Pet Nutrition to New Heights

Irvine, CA – June 25th, 2019 – What happens when a veterinarian builds a commercial kitchen inside the clinic? In the case of Dr. Kathy Wentworth — owner and medical director of Orange County’s PetPoint Medical Center and Resort — you get the first and only animal clinic that addresses pet nutrition by preparing and cooking pet meals treats for its guests in house. The new nutrition program is called RawCoo.

“Before creating RawCoo I was disappointed in the limited choices for truly nature-based pet meals for my patients. This combined with nutrition-related health issues forced me to look at pet nutrition in a new way,” said Wentworth.

Wentworth says the clinic- which they prefer to call an oasis – is the first and only to offer its guests nature-based in-house prepared and cooked pet meals, backed by extensive experience in pet nutrition and a mindset that every pet deserves a perfectly balanced nature-based diet — and live by it.

“Nature, nature, nature. We live and breathe it. I did not create these meals – nature did. We trust nature to keep pets in optimum health both nutritionally and physically,” she emphasized.

Every meal option includes fresh to order, pre measured meals along with Dr. Wentworth’s stamp of approval. Unlike traditional pet foods that prepare meals and then add vitamins and minerals to balance their recipes; RawCoo does not supplement any of its recipes with added vitamins or minerals. Each ingredient is chosen and prepared in such a way that it allows for the perfect balance and maximum absorption of all the required vitamins and minerals for optimum pet nutrition. This is backed by complimentary and regular medical exams along with optional mineral level testing using strands of hair.

The new kitchen is managed by executive chef Tamara Atwell who ensures not only every meal fit within the ‘nature only’ methodology but every formula is so appetizing even the pickiest of dogs cannot resist.

“We knew our patients and the community expected the best from us. You can have the healthiest food with the best ingredients, but if it doesn’t taste good, our pets won’t get the benefits. Hiring an executive chef was a must to ensure quality and taste,” says Wentworth.

About PetPoint Medical Center and Resort

PetPoint Medical Center and Resort is a family owned and operated full-service animal center located in Irvine, CA. PetPoint was founded in 2017 by owners Dr. Kathy Wentworth, Urs Wiederkehr, and their dog Jagy. PetPoint offers traditional and integrative medicine, all-inclusive luxury boarding, daycare, grooming, and training.

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