Sylvain and Jenny Botter, creators of ‘Lytchee’ travel video guide, launch Kickstarter for new line of farm-to-table spices

Sylvain and Jenny Botter, creators of ‘Lytchee’ travel video guide, launch Kickstarter for new line of farm-to-table spices

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – In January 2018 and February 2019, Sylvain and Jenny Botter traveled to Kerala in southern India to find extraordinary spices produced by independent local farmers. Since then, Sylvain and Jenny have established partnerships with two farmers in the Idukki region, and another partnership with a farmer in Alleppey.

From those partnerships, Sylvain and Jenny have created Yaksha, a line of organic, single-origin spices. In September, they plan to begin selling their spices through an e-commerce website. To help fund the site and other start-up needs, they have established a Kickstarter fundraiser to raise $14,989. Their goal is to raise the funds by July 30.

With Yaksha, Sylvain and Jenny will offer spices grown by independent farmers to your doorstep. They are creating a new way of bringing spices to your kitchen. The current supply chain has numerous players. Spices may sit in warehouses and pass through several handlers on their way to market. By the end of the journey, much of the flavor of the spices is gone. Reducing the storage and travel time ensures fresher spices on customers’ tables.

Sylvain and Jenny want to “reinvent how we consume spices in a new and ethical way.” They get to know local farmers and their practices. The traditional model of trading in spices benefits sellers. Sylvain and Jenny’s business model values the importance of growers’ knowledge and skill, giving farmers a higher profit margin for their goods.

Their interest in the cuisine of Asia grew out of their online video guide Lytchee. Sylvain and Jenny are graduates in tourism management and are passionate about spices, cooking and travel.

Money from the Kickstarter campaign will help them rent a place to store the spices, purchase packaging equipment, design the packaging for Yaksha, pay for packaging and printing, and purchase of the first stock of spices.

Contributors will receive tasty rewards depending on how much they pledge. Among the rewards are their e-cookbook “Easy Spices,” Yaksha chai tea, Yaksha black pepper from Idukki, Yaksha nutmeg from Alleppey, Yaksha turmeric from Idukki, a Yaksha super pack with three spices, and a Yaksha mega pack with five spices. Donors in the VIP category will be honored on the website, with a short biography and (optional) picture.

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