IMPACT ON-HOLD Introduces a Smart Solution for Frustrated Callers Waiting In Line While On-Hold

June 25, 2019 – Fort Myers, FL, United States – Nobody likes waiting in line. Not for a sporting event, a concert, movie, to get a new license, or at an amusement park. In today’s fast paced world, people get antsy in rush hour traffic, or waiting online in a que to chat with somebody about a product or service. Heck nowadays people don’t even enjoy waiting in a short checkout line at the grocery store or the local coffee shop

– you get the idea. We want everything immediately, which has shaped our society into a very less-patient version of its old self. This also applies to the business world. Says Ken Ford from IMPACT ON-HOLD!

Think about the times one makes a call to another local business, and he’s put on hold, and there’s nothing but silence on the other end; soon he starts to wonder if the call was disconnected, or after a few minutes, that someone forgot about him. What usually happens? The person hangs up, that’s what. And he moves on to another task, or even worse, another company that sells the same products or services. He simply did not want to wait in line to speak to someone without being engaged by something (music, messages) while on hold. One has to ask himself this question. Are potential customers doing the same thing to his company? More importantly, is he missing out on business because he doesn’t have an on-hold messaging system? IMPACT ON-HOLD can easily answer that for you – it’s absolutely true.

An IMPACT ON-HOLD messaging system allows your company to:

  • Promote product and services to people waiting and listening on hold.
  • Project a more professional image of business while promoting customer good will.
  • Reduce hang ups, increase selling opportunities, and ‘cross-sell’ company’s products and services.

So, what are you waiting for?
Contact IMPACT ON-HOLD team today so one can hear for himself how they can take the business to the next level. They’ll even write and produce a FREE ‘sample’ on hold program. With no charge and no strings. It’s a great no cost way for users to hear for themselves what IMPACT ON-HOLD can do for their business.

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