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26 Jun, 2019 – Pasadena, CA – Strategic thinking is fundamental in almost all areas of life, whether in the emotional, family or work environment. To understand well what this concept means, it is necessary to review and, understand our three concepts motivated by the Spiritual life coach objectives, strategy and tactics. Tactics are the specific actions that are going to be developed to achieve the planned strategy. They are the specific methods and, actions that are applied according to the circumstances to effectively fulfil the strategic plan. These actions must always be coherent with the strategy.

To answer these questions, you must first decide what you think. Without claiming the completeness and accuracy of the definition, you are not able to justify the life. Thinking is a combination of interpretation processes, rational and intuitive conclusions, searching for analogies, and building models. You will need something to completely rely on. So, strategic thinking is thinking that helps achieve goals, solve problems, and cope with difficulties. Strategic thinking is aimed at achieving, solving problems, optimizing. And this is how we define its main difference from ordinary thinking.

Ordinary thinking is quite enough for routine actions. It is enough to calmly go with the flow of life. But as soon as you swim against the current or through it, you want to achieve something. You need our help to gain strategic thinking. And the better it is developed, the more chances you have. At the entrance we take some raw information about what surrounds us. And, at the exit we get thoughts that in theory should help us live in this world. It is clear that people’s thoughts are different and life is also different.

Principles are the original building blocks of which a strategy building is built. Thus, the development of our strategic thinking is primarily the development of the principles of strategy, the use of its laws and axioms. Studying the principles, studying examples of their use, you will hone your strategic thinking. It is not very fast, but it is a very important process. It increases the efficiency of your brain. Strategic thinking can be likened to binoculars. How many can be considered for a couple of kilometres with the naked eye? And with the help of good optics? Similarly, with strategic thinking, you will see something that you could not see before. You will open new horizons. You will be able to look into the future and form your own, desired. And this is not a metaphor.

During our lifetime, we often forget our path. It feels something has distracted us. Instead of forgetting the primary aims, we must try to stick to our strategic life. This is not a myth. Or, we are not myth busters. We work by evaluating the strategies psychologically, mathematically and, scientifically. To best understand our service, you are all welcome to We believe every life needs the second chance to stand and, fight back.

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