Il Vento: Mesmerizing Wind Sculptures Launch on Indiegogo

Toronto, Canada – ll Vento Sculptures launched an Indiegogo campaign for a brand-new wind sculpture that is delicately designed and balanced. This campaign introduces a new way to decorate your yard with a new wind sculpture that spins from the slightest breeze and exhibits a mesmerizing fluidity of movement.

The goal is to bring a new line of wind sculptures to life that can be placed in the backyard, garden, hung in a tree, or even placed on your roof. Il Vento wind sculptures are made from high-quality stainless steel. They will rotate and reflect light in your garden or backyard for years. With their special stand design, they easy to move from place to place.

Founder Dimitri explains, “We’ve designed different sculptures for all tastes. They are mesmerizing, elegant, relaxing & calming.”

Due to the gyroscopic effect, all sculptures stay balanced, even with gusts of wind up to 40 mph. Il Vento consists of several layers, and all layers can rotate in a different direction. You can design a motion pattern for the sculpture in whatever way you choose.

Historically, wind sculptures have been clunky, poorly designed, and difficult to set up and move. Il Vento changes all of that. Each sculpture comes pre-assembled with an installation kit, so you can easily set it up in 20 to 30 minutes.

On close inspection, Il Vento sculptures are a completely new way of decorating the exterior of your home. There are many designs to choose from, including Apollo, Helious, Iris, Nyx, and more. You can sit back, watch, and enjoy the dance of the wind.

“If you want to catch the wind and transform it into beauty, we can help you,” says Dimitri. “We`ve designed different sculptures for all tastes and each sculpture is easy to assemble. Slow down and enjoy leisure time outdoors watching its movements.”

This crowdfunding project has the potential to bring a new line of wind sculptures to homes around the world. To help bring this product to market, an Indiegogo campaign has been launched which details how Il Vento work, the various designs, and how you can get in on the project.

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to this opportunity for a limited-time discounted price of $360. All you need to do is to press a button and you’ll be able to get an Apollo Wind Chime shipped right to your door!

For more information, please visit the Indiegogo page here or contact the creator below.

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