Writing with Light – “I have no enemies: My final Statement” by Liu Xiaobo

The story behind the scenes: Liu Xiaobo, the Noble Peace Prize winner, passed away in 2017. There was a memorial service held at the Chinese Embassy, Los Angeles. During the service, photos of both Liu Xiaobo and his wife were projected onto two buildings which stand next to each other. It was such a beautiful and scene that every guest at the service was touched. A whole team came up with this idea of projecting these photos.     

Guan Yao (Alston Kwan) was the team leader. He is a 36-year-old software engineer and the founder of “Anti-Totalitarian Chinese Alliance”. According to him, he has been fascinated by projectors since he was a child. He owned his first projector at age 19, and his passion for this machine had never ever ceased. He does not only project images and videos onto screen, but also on other non-screen surfaces. His first public presentation was at a painting exhibition in Beijing 798 Art District. Images needed to be projected onto a red wall, and Alston was not pleased with testing of the effect before the exhibition. Later, based on the wall colour and lighting in the venue, he made some adjustments of the brightness the colour of the image. It was then a successful presentation with a great result. Alston started to research more on building projection after his first presentation, through which he has come up with his own method of “constructive building projection”, and these are now used during numerous events.    


It was Alston’s idea to project the photos of the Liu’s during the memorial service. He went to the venue in advance to collect the information he needed, to familiarize himself with the surroundings, and check the look and feel of the walls. In order to give the best presentation, he made ten identical photos with different colour tonality, saturation and brightness. Power was provided by car batteries, which were converted into household power supply level at 110 volts. He occupied the parking space for five hours before the service started. When everything was in position and ready, the memorial service began. The sky turned darker and darker, and suddenly the photos appeared on the Chinese Embassy building and the building opposite it. Everyone was amazed and surprised by the enormous images. The images of the couple gazing at each other was so beautiful that it added additional elements of surprise and emotion to this service.     


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