Customers Finding Bugs in Restaurant is Bad for Business

Customers Finding Bugs in Restaurant is Bad for Business

Few things are as disconcerting as discovering a bug in your food, especially when it’s at a professional establishment. This experience may be par for the course in other parts of the world, but not so much in the United States. In fact, a customer can have their entire view of a restaurant changed over something as tiny as a fruit fly.

Restaurants understand that in order to maintain their clean, respectable, and trustworthy reputations, the number of bug-related incidents needs to stay at zero. As we head into bug season—aka summer—this can seem like an almost impossibility. However, companies such as Adam’s Pest Control, Inc. have a few methods for eliminating potential bug problems in restaurants so customers don’t have to speculate over the safety of a restaurant.

Types of Bugs Commonly Found at Restaurants

No bug is ever welcomed in a restaurant, but some are slightly more disturbing than others. A few types of bugs restaurants particularly have to watch out for are:




Bed bugs – yes, Bed Bugs

Flies normally congregate near drains and trash receptacles, so it’s important for restaurants to keep these areas clean. Ants, of course, are attracted to food spilled on the floor, and will find their way into a building through cracks and gaps in the walls or floor. Normally, when one ant is found there are many more lurking nearby.

Cockroaches are all around nasty creatures and require specialized traps to get rid of them. They also like to hide in small, dark places, which makes eliminating them even trickier.

Additionally, restaurants with outdoor seating need to watch for stinging pests such as wasps as these can cause injury or allergic reactions in your guests if not managed.

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Bed bugs aren’t usually the first bug to come to mind when talking about restaurant pest management. However, they are just as much of a concern as the others listed. Bed bugs can be found hitching rides on items such as clothing, purses, back packs, linen, and more. When a bed bug is found in a restaurant, it’s important to take immediate action before they spread. As explained on, some pest management companies will utilize canine units trained specifically for detecting bed bugs, which can catch small infestations before they grow.

Methods of Pest Elimination

While conventional methods of pest elimination may work in the short-term, professional pest management looks for the source of the problem to eliminate it once and for all. Instead of simply killing bugs as they are seen, integrated pest management includes sealing gaps, removing breeding grounds, and using other non-toxic methods for preventing and eliminating bugs around an establishment. This helps prevent cross-contamination with pest elimination sprays and food, while also providing long-term solutions for busy places like restaurants.

When it comes to an enjoyable dining experience, bugs and food don’t match!

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