Businesses Find that Old Computers May be Worth More Than They Think

Businesses Find that Old Computers May be Worth More Than They Think

You just purchased new desktop computers for the office. Now, you have a dilemma; what to do with your old computers. Instead of placing your latest computer device in the room with your other old computers, you may want to see if they are worth anything. Did you know that room of old computers could be worth more than you think? EXIT Technologies will help you get rid of your old computers while maximizing your profit. 

Sell Individual Computer Parts Instead of the Entire Computer 

Many people choose to build their own computers by using old computer parts. If you have a bank of unwanted computers, you may have a large inventory of computer parts to sell. These parts include networking, processors, servers and storage assets. 

Resell Your Old Computers for Profit 

Most of the time, the reason why you buy a computer isn’t because the old one is broken. Maybe you wanted to upgrade your laptop. Maybe you just want new desktops for everyone in the workplace. The point is you have old computers that are operable. If this is the case for you, learn more about making money by reselling your old computers. 

Maybe you have plenty of old computers. The problem is that they are no longer functional. They may need an inexpensive and simple repair or replacement part. Some of your computers may even need a good cleaning. A couple of years ago, you would have just dumped them in one of your rooms and forgot about them. Now, you can make money by reselling them. Check out for more information about reselling your old and/or refurbished computers. 

Old Computers are Becoming Hot Collectible Items 

Who would want old computers? A lot of people actually. Old computers are becoming some of the new hot items to buy and keep. There is a market for old computers and vintage console video games. If you want to sell your old computers as collectible items, wipe the hard drives clean. There are drive erasing tools available to help you get rid of the important information such as bank accounts on your old hard drives. 

Developers Use Old Computers for Tech Reasons 

Another way to make a profit on your old computers is to sell them to developers and other tech people to use. Old computers often have a market value because developers use them to test and develop other technology. These old computers include, but are not limited to, HP Proliant servers and Dell PowerEdge Servers. 

Make Money with Your Old Computers 

If you drop your old computers off at the local junkyard or recycle center, that’s a nice gesture. However, not going to get you additional money. You may even incur a charge for them to dispose of it. The best thing to do is recycle your old computers and make some additional money.

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