Metrc Promotes Cannabis While Convictions are Being Expunged from Records according to

Metrc Promotes Cannabis While Convictions are Being Expunged from Records according to

San Francisco finishes the almost unrealistic job that has most cannabis convicted felons and vendors on their toes! Government officials are Expunging cannabis convictions off records and making real changes. Law officials are explaining how they will expunge 9,000 marijuana convictions that can date back to as far as 1975. This process was very tedious, so they partnered with a non-profit organization named Code for America. Their purpose is to help the government streamline using technology so that information and cases can process quicker.

Torts That These Convictions Caused

These convictions caused people to suffer great torts. According to law dictionaries, a tort is a wrongful action towards someone that caused them to suffer. Here is a list of torts that people convicted with marijuana charges can experience.

  • discrimination or loss of job opportunity
  • discrimination due to void allegations in the court of law.
  • Imprisonment that may not have been necessary. 

Will Lawsuits Arise?

This is simply a rational question that might arise from The People. Seeing that these convictions were clearly depriving people of rights, people could technically file a lawsuit and have a firm standing ground. Will the state take a charge for the numerous amounts of injustices it has caused? Or will there be intelligent stipulations for this kind act to even take place?

Cannabis’s Effect on The Medical Industry

According to this recommended site, the practice of openly accepting cannabis can bring forth health benefits. Cannabis has been proven to positively work as an alternative therapy drug to stopping opioid addictions. Cannabis has the effect of helping to prevent doctors from prescribing other addictive medications that are similar to opioids. Though marijuana does not act as an opioid antagonist or opioid agonist, it does relieve pain.As long as it is legal this can allow marijuana to help opioid addicts during their recovery process to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. 

What Will This Mean for Business and Economy?

If Marijuana is openly circulated legal good, then more purchases can be made. This might have a positive effect on the economy. A more developed Cannabis industry can also create job opportunities. Companies like Green Bits are creating jobs with this advantage.

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Washington notes that their business is an example of just how much an industry revolving around marijuana can grow to many different aspects. These jobs promote this medicinal drug and help those who may not have had it if circumstances were different.

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