Explains the Significance and History of Bridal Party Dresses Explains the Significance and History of Bridal Party Dresses

The bridal gown has long been the most memorable part of the wedding. Weddings are not called “the bride’s day” for nothing. Historically, getting married was a direct lead-in to the woman being expected to bear many children and maintain the house for the rest of their lives. Many brides were also pregnant by their wedding days. Often, her wedding day was one of the only times that much of the attention was on her.

The gown is traditionally white, which has long been associated with purity and high virtue. Today, it is simply regarded as the old Queen Victoria tradition. Queen Victoria was known for ushering in the Industrial Revolution and the white bridal gown was no exception. Historically, however, brides simply chose the best dress that they had or one that could be worn repeatedly. In fact, in Queen Victoria’s time, only wealthy brides wore white. For centuries, white was not even considered to be a practical color as washing machines and dry cleaners are very modern inventions. Instead, red was the most common color. Wedding dress colors do not appear to have had any significance before Queen Victoria’s time. notes that Queen Victoria was buried with her wedding veil over her face, However, her gown remains on display at Kensington Palace. It has since become so fragile that it would fall apart if it was moved. It is quite amazing that it is still standing almost two centuries later. To view it for yourself, click this over here now.

Every year, the Clallam County Historical Society hosts the annual History of bridal party fashions to be seen at fundraiser. They have numerous gowns from the very late 1800’s to the very early 2000s. Their most notable one so far is Fairholme pioneer Caroline Rixon’s. Her husband, Theodore was a timber cruiser, engineer and surveyor. The gown was donated by their granddaughter.

What makes a company such as Leading Ladies LA standout as a bridal business is that these companies make bridesmaid dresses for plus-sized women. They do not believe that any woman should be left to just settle for a gown. They believe that every woman should have nothing less than her best on her wedding day. These companies also sell bridesmaid dresses and their prices for dresses are inexpensive.

Wedding gowns have come a long way since Queen Victoria’s time. During both World Wars when resources were limited, bridal gowns were often made of parachute material. The flapper-like gown was popular in the 1920s. Then the experimental ‘60’s and ’70s saw a lot of mini-dresses and silhouettes. Only time will tell whether wedding dresses will evolve all that much more.

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