2019 Chengdu International Business Experience Trip – ASEAN Session Launched Today

In recent years, with the further advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Chengdu has consolidated its relations with ASEAN in all aspects. For example, the trade between the two sides has realized sustained and rapid growth. 2019 Chengdu International Business Experience Trip — ASEAN Session was launched today to build a two-way communication, exchange and cooperation channel between Chengdu and ASEAN, build Chengdu into an international gateway, hub city and inland open economic highland, and establish platforms of cooperation in investment promotion, foreign trade and foreign economy, as well as a platform that fully displays the opening-up environment.

Picture: The launching ceremony of 2019 Chengdu International Business Experience Trip — ASEAN Session

Under the theme of “‘New International Perspective, New Business Opportunities’  — 2019 Chengdu International Business Experience Trip — ASEAN Session”, the activity invited representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises, trade associations and social institutions in ASEAN countries for a multilateral dialogue on Chengdu’s urban and industrial development and further expansion of trade cooperation between the two sides. It is learned that in order to achieve more accurate connection and promote cooperation between the two sides, most of the invited enterprises are from such fields as cross-border trade, pharmaceutical business, and education, and have a high degree of industry correlation with the enterprises gathered in the China (Sichuan)-ASEAN Free Trade Cooperation Center. A delegation of more than 30 ASEAN heavyweight guests will have a five-day study and inspection tour in Chengdu.

Picture: The launching ceremony of 2019 Chengdu International Business Experience Trip — ASEAN Session

Key enterprises are invited to Chengdu – Guests actively seek opportunities for cooperation with Chengdu

At present, Chengdu is speeding up the construction of an international gateway and hub city, accelerating the construction of the opening-up highland of the BRI, and promoting the formation of a new trend of three-dimensional and comprehensive opening-up of “expanding in all directions and all-round opening-up”, to open the door wider and wider. At the launching ceremony, Zhang Wen, Deputy Director of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, delivered a speech and introduced Chengdu. He said that the 2019 Chengdu International Business Experience Trip —  ASEAN Session reflected that Chengdu attached importance to the economic and trade cooperation with ASEAN and it was also Chengdu’s olive branch to all other countries.

Chengdu sincerely welcomes ASEAN and other countries worldwide to participate in Chengdu’s opening-up and cooperation to share development dividends. “In fact, there are many examples of friendly cooperation between Chengdu and ASEAN,” Zhang Wen said in his speech and gave some examples, “Every week there are 170 direct flights from Chengdu to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines, which strongly enhance business cooperation and promote the friendship between Chengdu and Southeast Asia. Thailand, Singapore and other countries have already been approved of establishing consular agencies in Chengdu. With the operation of the “Chengdu-Euro +” ASEAN international rail-sea intermodal transport lines at the international railway port, products produced in Chengdu and its surrounding areas can be sold to Southeast Asia.”

Picture: Zhang Wen, Deputy Director of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, delivered a speech at the launching ceremony of 2019 Chengdu International Business Experience Trip — ASEAN Session

“The cooperation between Chengdu and ASEAN has deepened continuously in recent years, and we are happy to see the achievements! We hope ASEAN enterprises can find new business opportunities in this city of opportunity,” said Phitayason Dejprasit (President of Thai Chamber of Commerce) and Datuk Hassan Mad (Secretary General of Malay Consultative Council) to the reporter after listening to the introduction.

Our reporter learned that the Chengdu International Business Experience Trip will last from June 24 to 28. During the five days, more than 30 heavyweight guests who are seeking opportunities for cooperation in Chengdu will successively go to the China (Sichuan)-ASEAN Free Trade Cooperation Center, Zhongtang Sky Railway Group (ZTSR), CEC Panda Group, Airport Flower Field, Qingbaijiang Railway Port, and other places for on-site inspections. Apart from the business inspections, they will also go to Huanglongxi Ancient Town to experience the world famous tourist city, taste the dishes of Sichuan cuisine and the spicy and hot flavor of hot pot in the streets and alleys, go to Wide and Narrow Alley (Kuanzhai Xiangzi) and Taikoo Li to experience Chengdu’s fast and slow pace of life and international style, and feel its unique charm.

The first destination: China (Sichuan)-ASEAN Free Trade Cooperation Center – Many guests gave positive feedback, Thai Chamber of Commerce intended to build a Thai Town.

After the ceremony, the delegation soon came to the China (Sichuan)-ASEAN Free Trade Cooperation Center this afternoon. Located in the International Commodity Exhibition Center of Chengdu Shuangliu Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Chengdu Shuangliu Pilot Free Trade Zone, it is an important comprehensive strategic platform established by Chengdu to carry out cooperation with ASEAN in trade, investment, culture and technical cooperation, etc. “This is a good example of two-way investment liberalization and trade facilitation between Chengdu and ASEAN. It can be called a model of friendly cooperation between the two sides. We are full of confidence in Chengdu,” said Casset Visetsukson (Vice Chairman of China’s Southern Border Trade and Cross-border Trade Commission) excitedly to the reporter in the exhibition area of China (Sichuan)-ASEAN Free Trade Cooperation Center.

During the visit, He Jianwei, President of the One Belt One Road South East Asian NGOs Alliance (OBORSEANA), kept praising, “We hope to sign a cooperation agreement with China (Sichuan)-ASEAN Free Trade Cooperation Center through this activity and jointly promote in-depth cooperation between Chengdu and ASEAN.” In fact, the willingness to cooperate has been expressed by many countries. Phitayason Dejprasit, President of Thai Chamber of Commerce, has reached an agreement with the People’s Government of Shuangliu District to build a Thai Town in Shuangliu in the future and promote more practical cooperation in the economic and trade fields.

Picture: Guests are visiting the Shuangliu Airport Free Trade Enterprise Service Center

Although it was drizzling, it could not stop this group of ASEAN friends from experiencing Chengdu with passion. After visiting the China (Sichuan)-ASEAN Free Trade Cooperation Center, they hurried to Huanglongxi Ancient Town to experience the charm of world famous tourist city. “Known as the hometown of fire dragon, a form of Chinese folk art, a pilot town of national small town construction, and one of the first batch of historical and cultural towns in Sichuan Province, Huanglongxi Ancient Town is driven by tourism, based on agriculture and blessed with rich natural and tourism resources,” Narasets Kitsartienopard, Executive Vice Chairman of the Thai-China Relations Association, recorded in his notebook while listening to the staff’s introduction and enjoying the beautiful scenery, “Chengdu and ASEAN should achieve win-win results through close communication and exchanges of experience in the future, which will be a huge boost for both our tourism markets.”

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