TICKETS WORLDWIDE LLP Applies for Trademark on Logo “TICKETS”

June 27, 2019 – London – Tickets Worldwide LLP has applied for the trademark “TICKETS” in the European Union. The company intends to expand its presence in Europe in compliance with all necessary legal procedures. This is to focus on providing the best deals for air travel services that people throughout the world will appreciate using.

The team is looking to help people with finding the best deals on air travel tickets to various places throughout the world. This includes expanding the reach of the company as it is to cover many other places worldwide. The effort is being made possible by helping to highlight different travel opportunities, including opportunities for going to many places around the world.

The first Internet address operated by the company is The website represents the United Kingdom and was created on June 9, 1998. The first Internet address in Asia is, which represents India, and was created on September 8, 2006.

The company is currently represented in multiple countries around Europe. These include countries such as Sweden, Portugal, Croatia, Bosnia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark.

Tickets Worldwide LLP already has two registered trademarks “TICKETS” in India and Egypt, and the company is represented in many parts of the world. The team operates websites in fifty countries under the TICKETS brand name. There is also an extensive community around corporate social accounts under the same brand, TICKETS. The most significant is the Instagram community within corporate accounts, TICKETS, TICKETS.EU and TICKETS.IN.

The general goal of Tickets is to help with getting people to find affordable air travel services. The service works as an aggregator that identifies unique opportunities for saving money on travel costs. The service reviews many travel comparison sites and finds the best solutions for travel based on value, time, and other critical factors.

Additional details on what Tickets have to offer can be found online at The ongoing expansion and the current trademark effort from the company are particularly helping to find opportunities for making the work more viable and useful.

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