Tempe Pest Control Company Introduces New Scorpion Extraction Technique

Tempe Pest Control Company Introduces New Scorpion Extraction Technique

Tempe, AZ – Creepy Crawly Pest Control, a Tempe-based pest management company, has recently rolled out a new method for exterminating scorpions in the area. The company began offering their new scorpion treatments last summer, and a year later has perfected this brand new treatment for homeowners dealing with scorpion infestations.

Creepy Crawly Pest Control recognizes the dangers that venomous scorpions bring to Arizona homes. These dangerous creatures motivated the pest control providers to craft a fast-acting scorpion treatment method to protect homeowners and their families.

Their new scorpion extraction technique is based on scorpions’ lifestyle and nesting habits. These predatory arachnids are active after dark, so Creepy Crawly Pest Control adjusted their service to be performed at night for the best results.

Having served the Phoenix metro area for almost 40 years, Creepy Crawly shows up for home visits at all hours of the day and is recognized for its responsiveness in emergency situations. Creepy Crawly Pest Control routinely visits clients’ homes on a nightly schedule to remove troublesome scorpions at the time they’re most likely to be active. A team of certified specialists spray front yards, backyards, block walls, and other outdoor areas with a specialized pesticide. This draws out scorpions from their hiding places, and gives the team the ability to kill the problematic arachnids on site.

This method targets an infestation problem at its source without requiring time to wait for any scorpions to appear, or for a pesticide treatment to take effect. For locals concerned with Creepy Crawly’s chemical usage, the company also offers environmentally-friendly nighttime scorpion extractions that don’t involve the use of chemicals.

Clients looking for pest control plans that target other creatures like ants, crickets, cockroaches, and other household pests can turn to Creepy Crawly Pest Control for assistance. The company offers pesticide treatments in exterior spaces, interior spaces, and outdoor perimeter areas. Arizona residents have trusted Creepy Crawly Pest Control’s free estimates, inspections, no contracts, and 24-hour service to efficiently manage their household pest issues for nearly half a century.

In addition to scorpion extractions, the company specializes in liquid termite treatments and a green bait system called The Sentricon System. They also provide services like “creepy proofing” which keeps pests out of your home for good!

Creepy Crawly Pest Control’s experience with Arizona pests led them to develop an effective night-time extermination technique that will come in handy for many locals dealing with scorpions in their backyard.

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