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Since the beginning of Bitcoin in year 2009, The cryptocurrency began to emerge. Meanwhile, there are over 1600 kinds of cryptocurrency trading in the whole world, the market value of the entire cryptocurrency market has exceeded 3 trillion dollars; But on the other hand, the number of blockchain users is growing at a rapid rate 1% of the world’s 4 billion Internet users. The cryptocurrency market has huge potential for future development. The future world is bound to be a digital era, and having cryptocurrency is becoming a trend.

Since 2017, capital and talent have been pouring into the area of block chain, and new block chain projects and cryptocurrency have been emerging. New blockchain projects and digital currencies continue to emerge. But the vast array of digital currencies on the market now have their own ecological system, there are still Many cannot be circulated or penetrated into other industrial chains. Currently the value of cryptocurrency is more reflected in the scene of coin’s trading market value, without real and effective integration with specific business applications, there are limitations in the application scenario.

Making response to the current industry and the needs of users, such as the lack of application scenarios, convenience, and so on, in this place there is a turning point changing of the combination cryptocurrency and the real business world. In order to enter a new era of cryptocurrency, a high-traffic digital currency payment is essential to meet various business needs. Under this circumstances BD Pay was born.

BD Pay Based on the high efficiency of the technology, High security and high scalability, Fully apply the cryptographic value of technology, focusing on the global circulation payment and various industry applications, Create an intelligent and integrated digital ecological system, form an all-round high-confidence ecological system of production and financing ecological system, accelerate the integration of innovation and capital, and achieve success in the financial payment chain.

BD Pay application scenario:

[Consumer applications in various industries]

BD Pay has created a global consumer application in a variety of industries with a complete technology, making abundant of the technology to record and store a large number of title certificates and consumer transaction records. To achieve decentralized consumer transactions, to meet in many aspect consumer and transaction needs of users, to build, transparent, credible and self-driven financial consumption ecological system.

[Global payments in various industries]

1 – BD Pay Technical Connection:

Integrate with existing international payment systems to enable banks to handle cross-border payment services through crypto frontier payments. BD Pay connects many commercial areas to exchange personal information, fees, shipping details, payment details, etc. After the system confirms the transaction information of both parties, the module connects the payment ledger for settlement and notifies all parties to confirm the transaction.

2 – BD Pay User Account Connection:

Investors, institutional market makers, etc. as nodes to access the BD Pay user account connection.

3 – Create Market Trading client:

Market Trading Client from all industries in the world submit stable currency prices to the Trading platform paid by BD Pay. Other trading platforms can also integrate BD Pay through this module to realize market trading client functions.

4 – BD Pay Client Platform:

The user can directly pay the payment by the BD Pay payment client, and can also initiate payment through the financial institution like the traditional mode.

The reform of payment and settlement that is brought by blockchain technology is inevitable. In the future, between banks can no longer pass third party gateway payment, but realize peer-to-peer payment through blockchain technology, BD Pay simple, secure and convenient payment solution that enables the public and merchants to participate and use digital currency safely, quickly and conveniently. With the continuous improvement of various types of encrypted digital currency payment systems, it has outstanding features such as breaking geographical restrictions, account freedom, effective management, and high efficiency compatibility. BD Pay effectively solves the difficulty of digital currency payment, realizes faster payment, and the payment process is extremely simple, which not only saves the links of third-party gateway payment financing institutions, but also achieve comprehensive payment, real-time payment, easy cash withdrawal and no invisibility cost.

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