Circleliner Launches Unorthodox Networking Platform to Bridge the Gap Between Industry Gurus and Young Professionals

Creating an invaluable network for all.

Los Angeles, CA – Tech start up, Circleliner, is pleased to announce it is helping to connect new professionals with like-minded experts through their brand new networking platform.

The new platform is a professional networking system that enables users to organize and expand their professional dimensions to stay abreast of industry movements, and to find jobs in their fields. 

Circleliner is different from LinkedIn and other networking sites for a variety of reasons.  With Circleliner, for example, users can experience a new connectivity module and sharing strategy through the sharing of projects, writing collaborative articles, publishing news, podcasts, or even attend conferences. 

Additionally, the platform also incorporates a messenger service for personal chatting to enable live collaboration between professionals. 

“When we developed Circleliner, the core problem we wanted to solve was to create better connections between new professionals and those who have been in their industries for years,” says Ariyan Shahriar, founder of Circleliner.  “Typically, fresher or new professional find it difficult to connect with related recruiter due to poor networking, which results in obtaining low grade jobs and lack of mentorship.”

With Circleliner, however, fresher or professionals can easily present themselves in front of their fellow peers as soon as they sign up, all while staying updated about industry trends and news.

One of the site’s biggest features, however, will be the option for users to search and/or post job opportunities in their field.  This sophisticated system will reduce the recruitment process duration from over three weeks to a mere ten minutes.  Users will be evaluated not by the years of experience, but by their qualities and talent.  This feature is expected to be released in the near future.

The Circleliner platform is ideal for a wide variety of individuals, including:

  • Career oriented professionals who want to stand out in their industry
  • New professionals looking to make connections through networking
  • Employers searching for like-minded employees

“Circleliner is unique in the sense that users can join networks based on their field,” states Product manager Ussash Arafat.  “For example, if a doctor signs up, he/she will be connected with all doctors in the platform.  The same applies to architects, lawyers, engineers, and so many other professionals.  But, if they would like to connect with professionals outside of their industry, they can do that as well.”

Currently, Circleliner is available for web browsers, with Android and iOS operating systems coming soon.

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