R&G Global Is Heading Towards Global Expansion

R&G Global showcased Chungkimyungki, a feminine wash product that was newly launched in March this year, to over 100 Wanghongs, social influencers from China, at Dongdaemun DDP Center from June 15th to 16th.

More than 100 Wanghongs participated in this event to celebrate the grand opening ceremony of Korea and China’s Wanghong Academy, and the venue was filled with excitement about the ceremony as well as the amazing K-POP performances.

During this event, R&G Global and the Wanghongs were able to exchange a valuable time, where Wanghongs were offered promotional products, alongside with a detailed product walk-through on Chungkimyungki.

The Wanghongs, who were impressed by Chungkimyungki, took an hour and a half to shoot photos and videos while holding its product, and they plan to post these contents on their Wechat and other social media channels to assist with promotion and sales.

According to a representative from R&G Global, the company plans to run over 200 advertisement campaigns every month in magazine and news media. Furthermore, the company is producing its YouTube videos in multiple languages, actively participating in booth events and meeting buyers to achieve their global expansion goal.

The company is looking forward to familiarize their product, Chungkimyungki, to global consumers through consistent participation at these types of events.

About Chungkimyungki 

Chungkimyungki is a 360 degree, spray-mist feminine wash that can be easily applied on the V area without any additional washing. It instantly neutralizes unpleasant odor, increases immunity and adds relief to any inflammation, all at once.


The representative from Chungkimyungki added that the company is looking forward to meeting consumers who will truly enjoy and benefit from using this product and thus, they are excited for the global expansion plan the company has, for upcoming years.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/IPJULJbWsoU

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