US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman Tells Pastor Chris Oyakhilome that Israel is a Miraculous Country in an Exclusive Video Interview

At this critical time in US-Israeli relations, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome sits down for an exclusive interview with the Trump-appointed United States Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, to discuss US-Israeli relations, the miracle of Israel and the future of the Middle East region.

United States Ambassador David Friedman reflects on the importance of showing solidarity with Israel in an exclusive interview with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, LoveWorld and Christ Embassy president.

Ambassador Friedman shares with Pastor Chris his thoughts on the formal US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and the relocation of the US embassy to the city. Friedman declares a successful and tranquil transition when reflecting on the year since the official announcement regarding Jerusalem was made.

He tells Pastor Chris that there has been no backlash specifically related to the embassy relocation. According to Ambassador Friedman, the US mission located in Jerusalem is a diplomatically and historically correct move on the part of the Trump administration.

He also reflects on the proclamation signed by President Donald Trump that officially recognizes Israel’s territorial annexation of the Golan Heights, saying it was the right decision at the right time. He tells Pastor Chris that Israel has a lawful right to safe and secure borders and there is no conceptualization of Israel that does not include the Golan Heights.

Friedman calls Israel a miraculous country for overcoming the unimaginable obstacles that would have led to the demise of lesser nations. He tells Pastor Chris that Israel is a model for the nations in the region to aspire to and that he has been very impressed with the people of Israel. With the enemies at its borders and terrorist groups that have threatened its existence, against all odds, Israel has managed to do more than survive – it has grown stronger in the face of adversity. It is through these shared values and shared accomplishments that the US and Israel have grown close.

Understanding the importance of the American-Israeli alliance to the greater region, Pastor Chris encourages Ambassador to articulate America’s vision for the Middle East. Ambassador Friedman says that Israel is the ‘lynchpin’ to America’s vision in the region. Israel represents a democratic nation with a world-class economy that has become a leader in cyber defense and technology.

When asked by Pastor Chris to say something to the world about Israel, Ambassador Friedman encourages everyone to travel to the country to see the beauty of it, to experience the miracle of Israel for themselves, and to feel the power of walking the lands of the Bible. He calls a visit to Israel a transformative experience and encourages everybody to come.

These words echo Pastor Chris’s enthusiasm for visiting the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The pastor leads an annual Biblical tour of the Holy Land, providing his followers with an opportunity to connect with the spirit and history of the land.

The interview was featured on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s televised program ‘Your Loveworld’ and aired on the LoveWorld Satellite Television Network. It can be found in its entirety on

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