BAMPO in Florence Design Week: Showing Out the Charm of Chinese Original Design

Recently, the opening ceremony of Florence Design Week was held in Palazzo Medici, Italy. Over 300 government officials, top designers from all over the world, representatives of the enterprises and other industries attended this ceremony which includes the founder of BAMPO Huang Lang, the speaker of Toscana Eugenio Giani, the event organizer Alessandro Pumpo, the chairman of MUSIWA association Francesco Chimienti and so on.

Florence Design Week, founded in 2010, is a kind of cultural exchange event. It represents the diversity and the creativity of Italian art and won the honorary award from the culture ministry of Italy.

Since 2010, The Florence Design Week has hold 35 events, 40 public projects, and over 60 exhibitions successfully. It is a great platform for design organizations and keen designers to exchange ideas and experiences as well as to show the various cultures and different commercial arrangement from different countries.

What’s more, it tries to demonstrate the diversity and perspectiveness in different perspectives by a series of activities such as the international exhibition across different industries and business forum and so on.


It is reported that BAMPO (a Chinese original brand) was first invited to attend the Florence Design Week on behalf of Chinese traditional culture. Besides, BAMPO won the Creative Design Award in this ceremony showing the beauty and power of Chinese original design.

Florence Design Week takes the culture and art exchange as a bridge to display the colorful art and design around the world and to strengthen the cooperation and communication between diverse cultures around the world.


This time, BAMPO got the chance to make the first appearance in the Florence Design Week on behalf of Chinese traditional culture, showing the strong design capability of china.

By attending this event, it is a great chance for BAMPO and other enterprises to learn from each other’s experiences. What’s more, it is also helpful to deepen the study and exchange between cultural creativity industries and push more and more outstanding designs forward the world. 

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