Creative Biolabs’ Viral Vector Design and Construction Services Are Available

Creative Biolabs’ featured service of delivery systems development for gene therapy not only helps clients to create safe and efficient gene delivery vehicles, but also provides full set of viral vectors for research or other purposes.

New York, US – June 27, 2019 – Creative Biolabs has spent years working on the viral vector design & construction for the purpose of facilitating gene therapy, a promising new technique for treating cancer and genetic disorders by introducing foreign genomic materials into host cells to elicit a therapeutic benefit with its comprehensive viral vectors and cutting-edge viral vector technology for basic research and preclinical applications, including the design and construction of suitable viral vectors and small to large-scale production of viral vectors.

Viral vectors possess two features: infecting cells effectively, and transferring DNA without causing immune responses, which are designed to be safe by making them incapable of replication, and can be divided into two types: integrating and non-integrating viral vectors respectively.

1. Integrated viral vectors can be incorporated into the human genome, including lentiviral, adeno-associated virus and retroviral vectors.

Creative Biolabs’ service correspondingly is comprehensive that it not only provides thorough lentiviral vectors with multiple cutting-edge modifications used for transgene delivery studies and application, but also offers multiple optimization methods of lentiviral vector targeting, including direct targeting, selective targeting of tissues, control of transgene expression with tissue-specific promoters or through miRNA-mediated silencing.

2. Non-integrating vectors, like adenoviral vectors, remain in the nucleus without being inserted into the chromosomal DNA, and thus the transgene is apt to lose during cell division and the expression of foreign genes is transient.

Neo adenoviral vectors with various design and construction to meet the demand in basic research and preclinical applications for customers to choose from are available at Creative Biolabs with PEG and pHPMA adopted to modify adenovirus vectors to maintain high-efficiency gene transfer and overcome the barriers that limit clinical applicability. AdEasy system and AdMax system ensure that the vectors developed have the following features: 

Easy to purification and concentration

Broad host range

Transient expression

Strong immunogenicity

High-efficiency rate of host cell infection of dividing or non-dividing cells

High-efficiency administration because of relatively higher titer

3. The herpes simplex virus (HSV) is a human neurotropic dsDNA virus which has large envelope, with the characteristics of life-long latent infection of neurons, and allows for long-term transgene expression. Creative Biolabs offers a whole set of services, including HSV vector design and construction, purification, production and quality verification utilizing advanced biomolecular techniques and gene knockout techniques operated on technology platform to construct HSV vectors that meet the diverse needs of basic research and clinical trials.

4. Creative Biolabs is dedicated to improving the vaccinia viral vector’s safety and reducing the risk of cytopathic effects for the gene therapy research with regarding services and products like Vaccinia Viral Vector Construction, Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) Vector, NYVAC Vector, ALVAC Vector, TROVAC Vector, etc.

5. A full set of AAV vectors are served for research and clinical applications after systematical procedures of design and construction with the advanced technological platform to ensure that the vectors are non-pathogenic, long-term nature persistent and can host in a relatively broad range of cells.

6. Comprehensive services related to baculovirus vector are available at Creative Biolabs, containing scaled-up amplification, concentration, purification and formulation of baculoviruses to meet the needs of customers worldwide, which mainly consist of Baculovirus Vector Applied in Vaccination, Tissue Engineering and Cancer treatment, Manufacturing Process of Baculovirus Vector.

Creative Biolabs has been committed to developing multiple cutting-edge modification of viral vectors to assist clients with their projects relevant to gene therapy and hence to help make contribution to Investigational New Drug (IND) Application or a Biologics License Application (BLA). A team of expertise of solid knowledge will definitely satisfy the requirements.

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About the company:

With years of experience in providing one-stop preclinical development service, Creative Biolabs has built a team of expertise of solid knowledge regarding gene therapy that are fully competent in providing services for global clients. Services include but are not limited to delivery vehicles development, potency tests, safety and toxicology analysis, solutions of specific gene therapy development for diseases.

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