Creative Biolabs Facilitates the Design of Epitope-specific Antibodies with a Comprehensive In silico Antibody Platform

Creative Biolabs has been dedicated for years to improving the therapeutic antibody development with regarding customized services and technological platforms like PreciAb™, which are designed to facilitate customers to develop epitope-specific antibodies for research purposes or else.

June 27, 2019 – New York, US – Creative Biolabs’ scientists have established a series of platforms for therapeutic antibody development services to keep up with the increasing popularity of epitope-specific antibody design — an important component of immunotherapy, which include Phage Display & Antibody Library Services, Single Domain Antibody Services, Magic™ Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery, Human or Humanized Antibody Services, etc. The newly developed comprehensive computer-aided antibody development platform named PreciAb™ is built upon a thorough set of in silico technologies and proprietary algorithms for antibody design.

One of the principal application areas of PreciAb™ platform lies in epitope-specific antibody design service, with which Creative Biolabs is confident with providing clients with highly specific and affinitive antibodies. Services that can be operated on the platform are as follows, Antibody Structure Modelling, Antibody-antigen Complex Analysis, Computer-aided Affinity Maturation, Antibody Structure Determination, and Experimental Validation.

  1. Antibody structure modeling is mainly done in the following two approaches, homology modeling and antibody initio (or de novo) modeling, aiming to help clients to make prediction of the 3-D antibody structure with accuracy and efficiency.
  2. Antibody-antigen complex analysis is precisely dealt with the assistance of the advanced platform by taking advantage of state-of-the-art docking software tools and the most up-to-date relating scientific knowledge to make clients’ projects up to the minute.
  3. Computer-aided affinity maturation is done with the help of the in silico antibody design platform to operate on the antibody variable region, of which the crucial point is high-affinity binding that can contribute to amplifying dissociation half-times, expanding detection limits, reducing drug dosages, as well as improving drug efficacy. 
  4. So as to make out the three dimensional atomic coordinates of antibody by means of analytical techniques. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, Cryo-electron microscopy density maps are adopted that thoroughly facilitate the antibody structure determination of clients with multifarious requirements.
  5. The whole-set experimental antibody validation services ensure customers’ designed antibodies to be bind correctly and as specifically as possible through a bunch of functional tests like ELISA, immunocytochemistry (ICC), western blotting, co-immunoprecipitation, etc.

About the company

Creative Biolabs, keeping up with the tremendous progress phase of computer science and technology in the late 1990s, has become a pillar rock in midstream in biotechnology area. The featured antibody development services are done in systematic procedures based upon the newly released PreciAb™ platform and designing antibodies with defined formats and functions is assured for clients as well. As a leading bio-tech company focused on antibody engineering in all fields, covering research, diagnosis, and therapy, tailored services relevant to the design of antibodies can be found definitely.

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