Proactive Plumbing to Replace Leaky Pipes with Modern Heating and Water Systems

The importance of plumbing has been recognized since the times of ancient civilizations, reaching its apex of sophistication during the Roman Empire. Access to fresh running water and the disposal of human waste is now taken for granted in the developed world, underlining its ongoing prominence in our daily lives.

It’s a view shared by the Toronto-based Heating and Cooling Company, who dedicate their service to covering all aspects of plumbing. From installation to repair, the Heating and Cooling Company combine the skill set of a fully certified and accredited workforce with a diverse range of expertise.

“Effective, fully functioning plumbing is something we all take for granted, especially in developed countries,” said a spokesperson for the company. “At Heating and Cooling Company we are only too aware of the damaging effects of leaky pipes, a malfunctioning toilet or unsafe levels of asbestos and lead in a building’s pipe works.

“Let loose within a building, water is one of the most destructive forces around, especially for delicate fabrics and other vulnerable items such as carpets, wallpaper, woodwork and anything electrical. It is important that homeowners safeguard themselves from leaks and the best way they can do this is by investing in modern, efficient and robust facilities.

“Fortunately for Toronto residents, at Heating and Cooling we have an elite team of specialists who are fully qualified in all general plumbing services – meaning they can fix anything from the small, such as a damaged laundry hose or blocked toilet, to the big, like a badly laid-out piping network – and they are also certified in specific areas such as asbestos removal and water damage restoration.

“We also strongly support proactive management of plumbing, and we can install modern, energy efficient water heaters, low-flow toilets and contemporary faucets, driving down those energy bills through greater efficiency but also drastically reducing the chances of leaks and other plumbing faults developing.”

But for homeowners who prefer to repair and maintain their existing systems, Heating and Cooling can provide an expert service. Older water heaters, for example, may stop heating water sufficiently, or they may need draining as sediment builds up inside – this affects the flow of water. They may also cause corrosion in the anode rod, which produces metal or rust in the water. In addition, faulty or decaying pipes can be detected by damp patches on the walls or floor, or reduced water pressure – and these are areas where the Heating and Cooling team can provide quick and complete repairs.

“While we can comfortably take care of all the everyday requirements of ageing plumbing systems, we would always recommend to customers that they upgrade their equipment,” added the spokesperson.“We do this in a supportive, non-pressured way – we are not interested in the hard sell, but we want our customers to enjoy the very best quality of life that modern water and heating systems can supply.

“Not to mention the effects this can have on the bank balance. Highly efficient plumbing can save considerable amounts of money by using less resource to achieve a better effect – which drives down energy and water bills, as well as being gentler on the environment.”

About Heating and Cooling Company

Heating and Cooling Company is a full service HVAC company servicing the GTA. They offer services for furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, water purifiers and full plumbing services. 

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