Express Card Launches the Best Virtual Pre-Paid Debit Card for Secure Online Shopping

Express Card announced today that it had begun sales of the virtual visa card with Bitcoin. This is the best virtual prepaid debit card available for secure online shopping and can be utilized at merchants who accept visa card.

Virtual visa debit card is a smart way to pay for online shopping. One of the many perks of applying for this card is that it will not take up more space in a purse or wallet. Nor can lose the prepaid card. This can be utilized to purchase almost anything from stores which accept visa card. It is a versatile product for secure and fast online payments.

It is easy to acquire this virtual visa prepaid card. Once approved, it is sent to the applicant’s email inbox right away ready to use. Just load cash onto the reloadable card and then shop online without needing for a debit card linked to a bank account. This also makes purchasing things online faster and securer and giving the total user control over their spending.

The virtual visa card with bitcoin from Express Card makes perfect sense of safety-conscious shoppers who looks for peace of mind when shopping online. The card cannot be stolen or lost, and it cannot be linked to bank accounts or credit facility- thus minimize the safety risk to the owner of the card.

For shopper on a budget, the virtual visa card can prove an efficient way of controlling online spending. Shoppers cannot spend more than the amount loaded onto the card. The virtual visa prepaid card can also be utilized by corporate clients to provide rewards or incentives to clients.

Benefits of Express Card Virtual Visa Prepaid Card

No Credit Check: The possibility of being accepted isn’t dependent on a credit check, making this card available to a lot of people with confidence.

Global Acceptance: The Express Card virtual visa card with bitcoin can be utilized to buy online at any stores which accept visa card.

Convenient and Simple: Once approved, the card will be sent straight to email ready to use with a secure online account and is available  24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Those who interested in getting rid of the risks which conventional plastic cards bring such as loss and damage should consider virtual visa card with bitcoin. Express Card brings shoppers a durable, safer as well as easy way to transact with bitcoin at the same time maintaining the accessibility and ease of a conventional plastic card. Not like conventional cars, virtual visa card with bitcoin cannot be damaged or stolen. They don’t need long production as well as delivery time, and the best thing about it is that they work like the typical debit card.

For more information about virtual visa prepaid card with bitcoin, please feel free to call customer hotline number or visit the website at

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