The 3rd Day MGC TOKEN Asia Pacific Feedback Conference and Star Concert Officially Started!

I heard that someone who wants to see you,he or she will be available 24 hours a day. Anyone who is willing to accompany you to dinner can eat both sweet and sour. Anyone who wants to take you home,every direction is no problem. If there is a person who runs to you thousands of miles regardless of any difficulties, then he or she must really love you. Members of MGC Tokens are located all over the world and have traveled thousands of miles to Bangkok, Thailand. They must be very supportive and passionate about MGC tokens! On June 28th, the MGC TOKEN Asia Pacific Feedback Conference and Star Concert officially started!

At 8 o’clock local time on June 28, MGC TOKEN staff was still arranging the scene, debugging equipment, arranging star rehearsals, and welcoming the concert in the most perfect way.

On the other hand, global members of the MGC TOKEN got up early and got together for breakfast. They all took the bus prepared by the MGC TOKEN. The members first came to the Grand Palace, where they played and took pictures. After that, they came to the Jade Buddha Temple, where they enjoyed the Thai cuisine carefully prepared by MGC TOKEN. After the meal, the members gathered together and took the bus to the IMPACT venue in Bangkok for the concert. On the other hand, MGC token staff were still arranging makeup, changing clothes and distributing works.

After the MGC TOKEN members arrived at the IMPACT venue. Miss etiquette guided the members to sign in and take photos. Both the MGC TOKEN signatur wall and the on-site luxury car show ladyboy models. The members took photos with the costume models. At 14:00 local time in Thailand, MGC TOKEN members from all over the world entered the venue with tickets, and the military and police checked the tickets at the scene and maintained the order. After confirming that all members were seated, the MGC TOKEN promotion video was played after the beautiful light show. After the promotion video, the host took the stage, introduced the guests on the spot, and invited the core leaders of BG-MF and MGC TOKEN to participate. The BG-MF and MGC token core leaders entered the site by helicopter. After the leader was seated, the host invited the Thai prince Subo Bamo to give a welcome speech and welcomed the MGC TOKEN Global members to attend the meeting in Bangkok.

After the speech of Prince Subo Bamo, the host invited John Morris, BG-MF Global Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, to give a speech on the theme of “MGC TOKEN Development Trend”. After John Morris’s speech, Michael Mein, deputy director of the BG-MF Charity Center, gave a speech on “When incorporating blockchain technology into charity projects.” After a speech by Michael Mein, AONE team technical director Alfredo Aguirre Valdez gave a speech on “Blockchain and MGC Currency”. After the speech by Alfredo Aguirre Valdez, BG-MF head of Wealth and Investment Planning Vanessa Carlton gave a speech on “The Trend of Blockchain Development in 2019”.

After Vanessa Carlton’s presentation, Daniel Vicente, BG-MF’s new BG-MF high-yield portfolio manager, gave a speech on “Blockchain: The Source of Trust and Security.” After Daniel Vicente’s speech, Japanese team leader Suzuki Kenichi, Indian team leader Vetrimaran, Malaysian team leader Mohamad duvaraga, Thai team leader K. Praewah and Southeast Asian leader Peter respectively released their own speeches on the blockchain development.

After the speech, BG-MF represented by John Morris and the FCOIN trading platform held a signing ceremony on behalf of Yu You. MGC TOKEN officially entered into a strategic cooperation with FCOIN. After the meeting, MGC would officially conduct FCOIN exchange. After the strategic signing ceremony, the meeting was coming to an end. The host reminded the dinner’ time. MGC TOKEN members took a break and waited for dinner.

At 18:00 local time in Thailand, the MGC TOKEN Asia Pacific Feedback Conference and Stars Concert Dinner was officially started! The host debuted and announced the official start of the dinner! 4X female group “Secret night” hot dance started.

After the dance, Xiao Quan sang three songs: “Social Shake”, “Seaweed Dance” and “Not Just Like”. At the beginning of the first round of lottery, 10 lucky members were given the Ipad. After the lottery, the members enjoyed the Thai ladyboy dance. After the ladyboy dance, the second round of lottery began. 5 lucky members were given 128GB of Apple XS mobile phones. Later, the members enjoyed the Thai local dance performance “Long Nail Dance”. After the dance, the third round of lottery began. 5 lucky members were given Cartier watches. After the lottery was over, the 4X women’s group performed “just friends” song and dance performance. After the 4X women’s group performance, the fourth round of lottery began. 5 lucky members were given Rolex watches.

After the lottery, the members continued to enjoy the local dance performance “A Thousand Hands Guanyin”, and the Thai ladyboy show, Roger Yang performed the performances of “I believe”, “Life and Death” and “Dream in the Front”. After the performance of the song, the fifth round of lottery began. One lucky member can pick up on the spot the Audi A8. The BG-MF leader personally presented the prize and submited the prize. After the lottery, members enjoyed the local dance performance “Candlelight Blessing”. Gillian Chung performed the performance of “The next station days”, “Lovely or Not” and “Happy Departure” songs. After the performance of the song, the sixth round of lottery began, and a lucky member can pick up the BMW 7 Series. The prize was submitted by the BG-MF leader.

After the sixth round of lottery, Dicky Cheung sang “True Hero”, “Who Do You Love Me Like” and “A Dream in My Life”. After the singing, the last round of lottery began and a lucky member was drawn to receive lottery. BG-MF Leader delivered the prize. At 22:00 local time in Thailand, MGC TOKEN Asia Pacific Feedback Conference and Stars Concert concluded successfully!


After the concert, the members gathered to take a bus back to the five-star hotel MGC TOKEN prepared for them to rest and waited for the start of the fourth day of the tour.

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