B. A. Trice pens a novel that entails love, tragedy and healing – His Masterpiece “The Firehouse”.

The Firehouse Book cover
Margaret is a Kentucky belle and Rich is a Wyoming cowboy. She has struggled to find direction in her life, while he is still dealing with the fallout from his fractured marriage. In spite of their different backgrounds, they become fast friends as soon as they meet and are soon working together and sharing an apartment in New York City in the summer of 2001, as they try to put their lives back on track. Together, they open the Firehouse…

Love – they say it is when two souls meet and accept the dark and light within each other. Love is when two people are bound by the courage to grow through struggle into bliss. What if these two souls have been extremely broken, is love enough to help them get on with their lives?

B. A. Trice pens a novel that entails love, tragedy and healing – The Firehouse. The story introduces the characters of Margaret, a Kentucky belle and Rich, a Wyoming cowboy. Both have different backgrounds; Margaret has struggled in finding her direction while Rich is still dealing with the fallout from a fractured marriage. They get to find each other and become friends as their differences complement each other’s emptiness. Time has only helped them become closer and soon they are working. The summer of 2001 has gotten brighter as they share an apartment in New York City. As the two endeavor in taking their lives back, together, they open the Firehouse – a small but thriving lunch joint in a converted building, just a few blocks from Grand Central Station. Their closeness started mending their broken hearts, New York City has so far been their greatest adventure, they can say. But life as everyone knows, sometimes put too much pressure, and the day-to-day living can fluctuate from good to bad – and can even become worse, much like a life in the city. The real challenge is whether these trials can help them grow and allow complete healing to begin and love to finally flourish…

The Firehouse by B. A. Trice is a relatable literary piece. It sets itself apart from the typical love stories that trace the beginning of the story itself. Trice has written the piece in such a way that give people a realistic view of the tragedy that love can bring. It describes how love can make or break a person, it defines the path that people take after being broken, more importantly, the victory when one survives all the circumstances that it brings. Trice’s first piece makes one’s heart sing a song of love, truly a must-read work!

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