Loopia Network May Be One of the Most Ambitious Blockchain Projects Currently

Social media networks always aim to harbor a community of individuals who have like-minded interests and passions. However, there aren’t enough online platforms that provide space for blockchain or cryptocurrency enthusiasts. To answer this requirement, Loopia Network is an up and coming social network that is primarily aimed towards cryptocurrency and blockchain people. However, it is also designed with the average user in mind so that anyone may be able to earn cryptocurrency. The website is made to be accessible and one can begin earning even without prior information or technical know-how of the blockchain world.

By directly rewarding people for using the social network, the creators of Loopia Network have managed to successfully create a decentralized social networking platform that also has a marketplace wherein users may purchase and sell wares using their the digital currency of the system: LOOP or LPN.

Essentially, the social network plays its users in LOOP – the cryptocurrency of the platform. The higher one’s interactivity and interaction with the community, the higher they are paid. People can also earn by viewing ads from other users or companies. One may also post reviews to boost their participation and earn rewards. Every contribution counts towards earning an equal quantity of the LOOP currency. Advertisers will thus be able to post ads without any interruptions or interventions from third-parties.

Loopia.network is said to be quite similar to other social media networks that are currently popular. Anyone that utilizes them regularly should see no problem and acquainting themselves with Loopia Network. The major difference is that Loopia Network utilizes blockchain technology, making it a decentralized ecosystem. Thus users will receive rewards in the form of a cryptocurrency for each interaction, such as ad-viewing, reviewing and others. The creators plan on expanding these activities in the future by providing cryptocurrency in the future for commenting, sharing and filling our surveys.

About Loopia.network:

Loopia.network is a social network platform that is available for blockchain experts and cryptocurrency fans around the world. It is designed for building such a large social community wherein the users can sell and purchase goods and services with the decentralized cryptocurrency named LOOP. It is different from other projects which require some necessary cryptocurrency skills to participate. Joining with the Loopia Network does not need one to have any specific skills or techniques. Even if one is still new in the cryptocurrency world, they will learn the fun system fast.

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