There’s Angels Walking among Us by Carolyn Ollis – a Book that expresses that Angels Exist among People, Guiding and Helping in Invisible Ways

There’s Angels Walking among Us by Carolyn Ollis - a Book that expresses that Angels Exist among People, Guiding and Helping in Invisible Ways

June 29, 2019 – Angels are something mankind has come to associate within the reference to people who inspire, uplift and save lives. If looked hard enough, one can see all the angels surrounding us – only missing the white, powdery, fluffy and shimmering wings as well as the golden halo, not to mention the glorious lyre. “There’s Angels Walking among Us” by Carolyn Ollis came about because the author needed to express that there are angels among people. The book is about the author’s life and her daughter’s and it’s bound to tug at heartstrings.

“There’s Angels Walking among Us” is based on real-life events – actual events that unfolded in the author’s life and her family’s, characterized by hardships, joy, love, and struggles of an American family. It’s all from her family’s perspectives. The account is written to touch hearts deeply and teach how life can be salvaged from the worst of circumstances. This book from Carolyn Ollis teaches people to be insightful in life and to believe in angels that don’t have the angelic appearances. It’s about what’s inside that matters the most – what’s external is as fleeting as it is superficial.

This book by Carolyn Ollis is inspired by her daughter and is written to deliver a message of overcoming the odds with unsung angels that are around and can be identified if looked for hard enough. Carolyn Ollis said the following about her book, There’s Angels Walking among Us, “All I can say is that everything I wrote is a true story. Everything that my family went through and the angels we saw, to everyone, I do believe there are angels here among us. To help us and let us feel that we are not alone. I remember my Grandmother Cooper would say if we could see what was really around us, it would scareus. You know God could have kept Gina with him but He gave her back to me with a message he sent back with her.”

Carolyn’s son hasn’t live a life with a bed of roses either – he had to endure hardships and horrors yet he emerged stronger. The future edition would feature Carolyn Ollis’ sons, “Journey Back Home” – it’s about coming a full circle in regards with the angels in Carolyn’s life.

About the author

Carolyn Ollis has written “There’s Angels Walking among Us” by the story of her daughter Gina and her. Hailing from a little town called Bald Knob is Arkansas, Carolyn comes from a family of 11 children, her siblings. They all live in different places now as grown-ups and life sometimes get too quiet and Gina helps to relieve the quiet loneliness – her battle with cancer took a lot from her and also gave a lot. Gina is a special child as is her son Mark. And, in the future, Mark’s story will also be made into a book – “Journey Back Home”:

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