Euro Note Souvenir Releases Three New Zero-Euro Notes in June 2019

Euro Note Souvenir Releases Three New Zero-Euro Notes in June 2019
The New Banknotes Will Reshape The Way Tourists Bring European Souvenirs Home After a Refreshing Euro-Trip

Dublin, Ireland – June 29, 2019 – Euro Note Souvenir, Ltd. has proudly announced that it is releasing three new Irish 0 Euro banknotes in June 2019. The concept of souvenir notes is relatively brand new in Ireland and the 0 Euro banknotes create a lot of enthusiasm in other countries when taken as a gift. This is a great news not only for the general public, but also for those who love to collect notes. Moreover, this news will also benefit the tourism business as millions of tourists from around the world flock to Europe each summer.

“We are proudly introducing this year, a brand-new type of souvenir product for the tourism industry in Ireland that will be loved by tourists of all age groups and backgrounds,” said Peter Schneider, while talking about the brand new zero-euro notes. “Our company holds the exclusive sales license for the printing of these currency notes, and we are aiming to become a global trendsetter with this innovative new product,” he added. According to Peter, these new notes are a beautiful souvenir and gift for tourists and enthusiasts.

The zero euro  is a souvenir banknote authorized by the European Central Bank and printed by Oberthur, a facility in France that also prints the real euro banknotes. In addition, the company along with its new product were also recently featured in an article published in the Sunday Independent. The names of these three new banknotes are “Ireland”, “Dublin” and “Eire”. Furthermore, the Foynes museum banknote is also being printed for the 30th anniversary of the museum. In addition, this remarkable new concept has become a bestseller in other countries and bring good revenue for tourism The company is currently welcoming resellers and distributors, while it also prints personalized or customized motifs for Irish businesses. Moreover, the company can also print banknotes with their image

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