Get Fitt Ltd Providing Infrared Programmes for Arthritis Patients

Get Fitt Ltd Providing Infrared Programmes for Arthritis Patients

Hertfordshire, UK – Launched by a desire for personalised care, Get Fitt LTD is now offering a unique treatment programme for clients with arthritis. Through a combination of detox with Far Infrared technology and meditation, Get Fitt Ltd is helping individuals find relief from arthritic pain.

Patients with arthritis are commonly prescribed medication. When they receive their diagnosis, many patients are also told that their condition will present a lifelong problem. However, merely controlling the symptoms can lead to the bones rotting, joints deforming, and ligament deterioration. It is for this reason that Get Fitt are innovating a combination of strategies in their holistic treatment so that patients can potentially avoid medication and address the root cause of their inflamed joints.

As noted on their website,, the clinic provides an extensive suite of far infrared treatments. At present, their far infrared treatment for arthritis is showing promising results. The Get Fitt Ltd treatment utilises rays of light that specifically target the painful, inflamed areas. The far infrared rays warm the body directly and give it natural energy to heal. The light in infrared treatments constitutes 80% solar energy, so patients have no need to worry about harmful toxins and rays. In addition, the procedures are non-invasive and cause no discomfort to the patients.  

Get Fitt works with clients from the beginning of their recovery to simple check-ins at the end of the process. Their aim is to provide holistic healing and help patients be more informed about their condition and available treatment options. This includes providing access to resources and information outside of the treatments themselves.

On their blog, for example, they provide in-depth information about arthritis treatment, as seen at The research team covers the different types of arthritis and how far infrared light therapy helps. They explain how people get arthritic joints and how common the problem is. They also provide background information on the role detox in this procedures at

Get Fitt Ltd aims to bring information to light to help individuals make the best decision for themselves. Whether clients just want to detox with far infrared, or they are looking for specific far infrared treatment for their arthritis, Get Fitt Ltd.’s mission is to ensure the right services are available. They also have an open email and phone number for interested clients to schedule an appointment or ask any other questions they might have.

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