Get Fitt Ltd Innovates Pain Therapy with Far Infrared Sauna Technology

Get Fitt Ltd Innovates Pain Therapy with Far Infrared Sauna Technology

Hertfordshire, UK – Get Fitt Ltd, specialists in the field of far infrared technologies, have utilised their products to relieve chronic pain. Established in 2004, the company has begun to grow, offering its medically beneficial services to many people across the UK. Their latest innovations allow patients to find relief through far infrared saunas, a heat technology that is showing promising results of reducing pain and discomfort during treatment.

Heating pads are a common treatment for chronic pain due to their simplicity and ease of use. However, these electrical devices are only able to penetrate the surface of the skin. Heating just the surface of the skin only provides temporary relief to chronic pain. The heat from electric pads can get so hot, between 43°C to 72°C, that it can irritate the skin. Electric heat pads also produce high EMF radiation that is potentially harmful to the human body.

Far infrared technology does what heating pads do but with less of the risk and discomfort. Get Fitt uses this innovation in their products to treat pain and a variety of ailments. These infrared saunas are backed with research. Studies show that they have pain-reducing, life-extending, and heart-healthy properties. By converting light energy into heat, infrared allows heat to penetrate deeply into the skin and promote better blood circulation.

Far Infrared energy is being increasingly utilised in therapy. The energy is utilised in such products as Get Fitt’s far infrared sauna. Get Fitt,, allows their clients access to this revolutionary technology. They do so through their personal consultations and customised treatment plans for clients.

The far infrared technology has many more uses beyond treating chronic pain. Positive results from research have shown a strong relationship between far infrared and heart disease. The precise reason for how sauna therapy improves chances against congestive heart failure is unclear. However, one possible reason has to do with the therapy’s ability to acutely cause vasodilation. Get Fitt ensures that their customers get the benefits of these infrared rays even on the go through their sauna technologies as see at

Get Fitt furthers the reputation of what they offer by working closely with healthcare professionals from across the world. Their products are backed by today’s latest medical innovations. They share the findings of their specialisation to those interested at Whatever the ailment, the far infrared products from Get Fitt are showing promising results for relieving chronic pain.

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