Profacgen Stable Cell Line Construction: Reliable Supporter for Both Research Use and Industrial Production

New York – Jul 1st, 2019 – Profacgen, as a protein products and services supplier with years of experience, offering custom protein services in the biological sciences, enabling access to the latest tools, techniques, recently announced the release of its stable cell line construction service for protein expression which can be applied in both research use and industrial production.

Stable cell lines are used in a variety of research applications, such as recombinant protein and antibody production, assay development, gene editing, functional studies, etc. At Profacgen, we offer comprehensive and stable cell line development capabilities, or starting with the DNA provided, which seamlessly integrates all steps of stable cell line generation, providing you with reliable results.

In order to build a stable cell line typically requires three steps: delivery of the target gene into the host cell, screening for stable expression clones and stability testing. We utilize lentiviral vectors for efficient gene delivery and achieve high integration rates. Limited dilution and antibiotic screening were then applied to select high yield, genetically homologous stable expression of the monoclonal.

When fluorescent proteins are fused to the target protein, we can also screen positive clones using flow cytometry. Profacgen also provides a Tet-ON inducible stable cell line for inducing expression of a gene of interest. Doxycycline can then be used to induce expression of the target gene. To ensure stable/inducible expression of the target genes and proteins, we can provide PCR, qRT-PCR, microscopy, flow cytometry analysis and stability testing according to your specific requirements.

Stable cell line construction is required while large amounts of recombinant protein are required, so that scientists can achieve reproducible and economical protein production.’ said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Profacgen, she also claimed that, ‘Profacgen provides stable cell line construction services for research and industrial production. We guarantee a well-developed stable cell line with stable and reproducible protein production.’

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As a reliable supplier focuses on offering protein related products and services, Profacgen has supported worldwide researchers with competitive pricing and rapid turnaround time. Furthermore, Profacgen is capable to develop specific strategies regarding the details of projects and develop experimental strategies tailored to different requirements.

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