Advanced Cryo-EM Services Make it Convenient While Processing The Ultrastructural Study of Macromolecules

New York – Jul 1st, 2019 – Creative Biostructure, a world’s leading supplier specialized in providing contract services to biotech/pharmaceutical industries, recently announces the release of its professional Cryo-EM services, which can be applied while processing the ultrastructural study of macromolecules.

Cryo-EM can be used to determine protein structure at near atomic resolution by single particle imaging and can be used as a complementary technique for macromolecular crystallography and BioSAXS. Cryo-EM has been used to obtain near-atom resolution structures up to ~2Å, including protein complexes and viruses of typically 150kDa and above. Creative Biostructure provides Cryo-EM services for larger protein targets and complexes that are inherently difficult to crystallize or produce the only diffraction to low resolution crystals.

Everything in biology is based on intermolecular interactions, so the more we understand how the structures of these two molecules work together, the better we will be in designing improved drugs. Creative Biostructure provides high-performance computers and software packages that interpret EM maps and reconstruct them into three-dimensional structural models that meet the principles of physical and stereochemistry. Our scientists challenge human targets such as membrane proteins through manual intervention to improve initial fit and even build a de novo model.

After the initial model is built, refinement is performed to maximize the consistency between the model and the experimental observations by adjusting the atomic coordinates, factor B and other parameters to obtain the data.

‘The CryoEM service provides high resolution imaging of nanoparticles, such as viral and protein complexes, on the order of 200 KDa or more (about 10-300 nm in diameter). CryoEM is particularly suitable for objects that are too large, unstable or variable and cannot be studied by X-ray crystallography or NMR. It can be used to understand the structure, assembly and function of various biomacromolecular complexes.’ said Jerry Carter, she also claimed, ‘The cryoEM data can be used with image processing software to create 3D models. Training in three-dimensional image reconstruction is given by data processing access every two weeks.’

About Creative Biostructure

Founded in 2005, Creative Biostructure provides professional products and services that can be used worldwide in research fields for diverse applications, including basic research, drug discovery, and diagnostic study. With years of experience and in-house experts, Creative Biostructure has already become a well-recognized industry leader to support worldwide projects.

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