IACS Co., Limited Announces to Supply LED UL Underwater Lights That Can Automatically Change Color

Besides the LED UL underwater lights, IACS Company or the Yiwu Fuwei e-commerce firm also has LED high bay UFO light and the solar sensor wall light.

With their innovative LED lighting products, IACS Co., Limited allows maintaining energy efficiency in all types of LED lighting applications. The company has eco-friendly and high quality LED lights for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. They have introduced underwater LED lights that can change color automatically, besides having several other astounding features.  These LED waterproof under lights could be used for the lighting of swimming pools. They also have brought the high bay UFO light that is ideal for the lighting of a large outdoor space, such as stadiums, parking lots, orchards and others. The company’s solar sensor wall lights are very popular, as these lights can be recharged by the sunlight and are very energy efficient and cost saving.

The company’s LED UL underwater lights are high voltage LED lights with automatic color changing feature. There is also a power switch on the LED light’s external controller that can be used for changing the light colors. This power switch can be used for switching color lights on and off in a desired manner. Besides the RGB light colors, it can also emit white light with the help of its UL driver. The lights come fitted with UL cords and chips from the leading brands. These LED lights are ideal for lighting water bodies with colorful lights. The lights come with IP68 waterproof rating and are very robust and durable with their stainless steel housing.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that they have introduced the LED high bay UFO light that is highly efficient for lighting a large outdoor space. The light is available in the UFO shape and hence gets its name. With the IP65 waterproof rating, these UFO bay lights are ideal for the outdoor lighting applications and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The spokesperson states that the UFO light features a very high heat conductivity, which helps maintain the durability of the light. These lights consume very low power and emit lights with high luminosity. Thus, these lights are long-lasting as well as very energy efficient. These LED lights also don’t have mercury and other elements that are harsh to the environment. This is the reason why the company’s LED UFO lights are completely environmentally friendly.

IACS Co., Limited has also introduced the solar sensor wall light that can be recharged by the sunlight. The light comes fitted with 40 LEDs and can be suitable for the outdoor LED lighting applications, like gardens, orchards, courtyards and others. These lights also come with the IP65 waterproof rating and can also be useful for lighting environments with the presence of rain, water and moisture. The lights come fitted with the solar motion sensors, which enable automatic switching on and off when sensing the darkness. 

To know more about these innovative LED lights, one can visit the website http://www.iacslight.com.

About Yiwu Fuwei e-commerce firm (IACS Co., Limited)

Yiwu Fuwei e-commerce firm (IACS Co., Limited) is a very professional LED manufacturer that produces high quality outdoor LED lights. The company’s popular products are solar LED lights, LED UFO lights, LED underwater lights, LED flood light, LED high bay light, LED wall washer lights and so on.

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