China Injection Molding Supplier Announces Low Volume Mold Making Services for its Clients

Small businesses or companies that require molds and prototypes in small quantities can now take advantage of the low volume mold production that JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is now offering to its clients.

For companies around the world, JasonMould can supply plastic molds in any quantity. They are also open to low volume custom plastic mold production in order to meet specific requirements of a client. With their low volume plastic mold production, a company can now think of sample production of items to evaluate its demand from a sample customer size before going for a large scale production. This helps in analyzing the demand of the product in the market and modification can also be carried out on the basis of the feedback from the consumer.

According to the spokesperson of the China injection molding supplier, they specialize in plastic mold manufacturing and can supply molds for various industries. With a team of expert technicians, engineers, designers and molding experts, they can precisely develop the mold that goes beyond a client’s expectation. In all mold making projects, they keep a strict control on the three important factors, which are quality, budget and the timeline. With a large and well-equipped production facility, the company can handle all types of small or large mold making projects of its clients on an urgent basis. The company’s manufacturing unit features an intelligent combination of hand tooling and advanced robotics to ensure the best quality of the molds and prototypes they produce.

Injection Molded Camera Prototype

JasonMould is often considered as a leading plastic injection molding supplier that can help companies in their expansion and diversification initiatives. The company is capable of supplying molds in all major plastic types and they can produce thousand types of plastic parts in different types of plastics. This is the reason why an industrial client can get a complete range of plastic molds from JasonMould and can engage in the production of a diverse range of products. The molding experts of the company evaluate each molding project carefully and can also offer a free quote to interested companies. The injection molding experts also carry out the inspection and testing to ensure the best quality of the molds they supply.

The spokesperson reveals that the low volume manufacturing is their forte. They are a reliable China plastic injection molding company to offer finished parts in a range from a few hundreds to a thousand of them. The quantity of the prototypes may largely depend upon the processes employed in the mold production, and one can get very low volume molds, if only a simple process is used in the mold production. Moreover, a client can request for a low volume mold from different product categories and can think of manufacturing products in small numbers.

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About JasonMould Industrial Company Limited

JasonMould Industrial Company Limited, established in 2010, is a leading injection mould manufacturer in China. JasonMould specializes in plastic mould production for household appliances, medical equipments, electronic equipments, safety equipments as well as monitoring systems. The company has a factory, spanning an area of over 15000 square meters. With plastic injection tooling divisions possessing different machinery and expertise, JasonMould offers tools from small and precise mobile phone parts to as big as automotive parts. The company’s tools are mainly exported to U.S.A., Europe, Japan and UK.

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