The First International Music Competition “Voi-S Go!”

Hollywood Meiyue Music Studio as “Voi-S Go!” the organizer of The Original Music Competition is a comprehensive transnational music company with the post-90s as the core team.

In September 2019, the first international original music competition “Voi-S Go! Will bring an unprecedented audio-visual feast for the global music lovers. The theme of this music event is “originality”, “diversity”, “cross-ethnic” and other concepts. Through the cooperation with internationally renowned music enterprises and film and television institutions, traditional and new media platforms, the all-around publicity will be carried out.

Hollywood Meiyue Music Studio as “Voi-S Go!” the organizer of The Original Music Competition is a comprehensive transnational music company with the post-90s as the core team. Its core team has gathered talents from various majors of music college in the east and west of the United States. The studio has a fully functional professional recording studio, music team, and many famous musicians and other resources. Founder Zhao Wenbo led his team to integrate the financial industry, film and television industry, catering industry, clothing industry, real estate industry, transportation industry, social network media and other industries with music industrial resources, and integrate them into a complete set of music industrial chain.

As a highly qualified emerging music industrial studio, “Meiyue” is committed to integrating multi-ethnic music culture and sharing it with the world after professional team guidance, so that the world can hear the persistent cry of “Meiyue” on music. The Meiyue team hopes to pass the Voi-S Go! The lasting influence generated by the competition takes music as the communication link, promotes the communication and learning of various ethnic cultures in the world, and promotes the benign, mature and healthy development of music industry. 

The competition brings together 20 colleges and universities in the western United States and is divided into five divisions: the San Francisco division, the Chinese division, the Los Angeles division, the San Diego division, and the Irvine division. Compared to other music shows, “Voi-S Go!” It breaks away from the traditional single-player competition system and will be carried out in the mode of team competition.

The contest will be held in three rounds at 20 prestigious California universities. Through the fierce competition, there will be 24 groups of players into the rematch; During the rematch stage, there will be a mysterious Easter program, so that the first round was eliminated group will be gorgeous appearance. Contestants will write songs based on movies or story clips for one week. At that time, five famous original musicians, judges, live audience and online audience will vote on the four criteria of song expressiveness, live expressiveness, originality and group image at the same time to select the qualified team. 

The highlighted program is the finals, two groups of finalists will write a theme song for the United Nations world children’s fund as the theme of the final, two groups of contestants free choice of music style. Finally, according to the voting scores of all the audience and five judges, the winner with the highest number of votes will be the winner of this event, and will get $100,000. The second runner-up gets 50,000, and the third runner-up gets 20,000.

“Voi-S Go! More variety of elements will be added to the show, and the instruments used by contestants will be determined in the way of games. These instruments may be saxophone, flute, or national instruments representing national culture.

Here, each contestant will show their different understanding and cognition of music.

Here, every audience can enjoy the infinite charm of original music;

Here, each note across borders, across RACES, into the soul of people, so that all music fans can enjoy the infinite charm of original music.

In addition, the “Voi-S Go! Through the festival, the elements and ideas of public welfare and charity will be carried out. It is hoped that through the power of music, more loving people will be inspired to participate in the public welfare so that the society will have more fairness and benevolence, and provide more positive energy for the society. “Meiyue” will continue to promote the development of original music worldwide, provide the best platform for excellent original music, and find the clear Walden lake in the soul of every musician in the rapidly changing music industry.

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