JOHANN LEWIS American Teacher Sets on to Improve English Learning in Chinese Schools

JOHANN LEWIS American Teacher Sets on to Improve English Learning in Chinese Schools
Johann Lewis is an American Teacher and expat living in China with a goal to improve English language proficiency in Chinese students through donating dictionaries. His aim is to fill the school library with both English and Chinese books in order to help the students to improve their English learning skills.

China – July 02, 2019 – Johann Deryl Lewis was seriously heart struck when he saw that there was a clear shortage of English books in the library, while Chinese books were in abundance. English books assist help the students in improving their English language skills and communicate more fluently in English. When Johann was appalled by this situation in the Hailing Foreign Language School library, he got the idea to donate bilingual Chinese-English dictionaries to the library. In order to do this through school hierarchy, it takes lot of paperwork and approvals which can be quite lengthy, so he has taken the wise step of donating the books by his own money.

Lewis started his idea by making small donations of only five Oxford English-Chinese elementary learner dictionaries every month. Though it was initially a small donation, gradually the number of books in the library grew to a substantial number. Now, the library is filled with adequate number of English and Chinese books which makes it much for students to learn and enjoy books of both languages.

Until present, Johann alone has contributed to the library with his book donations. However, he also invites his other colleagues to join in this process in order to improve the options available to students at the school’s library. This can only help in improving language skills in students so that they may become successful in the English language. Hailiang Foreign Language school is a part of the Hailing Education Group (NASDAQ: HLG), which provides educational management services for primary, middle and high school students throughout China. This organization works on an aim to offer international education in a specialized, internationalized and distinguished manner that helps the students to learn and become successful in their future.  

Johann Lewis works as an Academic Director of English Curriculum and Instruction of Hailing Foreign Language school. He was successful as English teacher and Director of the NCC Education English Language Framework, where under his guidance 100% of students were able to pass their English Language Framework examinations, receiving certificates from NCC Education in Manchester, United Kingdom.


Johann Deryl Lewis, at present, is the English Academic Director of Hailing Foreign Language School in China. He started his career as a public accountant in the United states. From there, he started his career in education as a Cambridge IGCSE and International AS & A-Level Business Teacher. Later on he served as Academic director of the NCC Education International Foundation Year Program, where he was successful in helping 100% of his students pass their English Language Framework Tests. Now, he has started contributing to expand the library in donating English-Chinese bilingual dictionaries in Hailing Foreign Language School with his own funds.

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