Lifeasible Announced New Veterinary Medicines Services to Enhance Veg Drug Discoveries

NEW YORK, USA, July 01, 2019—As a company in the biotechnology field, Lifeasible is focused on providing services for agriculture-related sectors. Our driving philosophy is to keep up with the pace of the market. Recently we entered a new field and launched a series of veterinary medicines services, with the goal to make a positive effect on veterinary medicine development, including physicochemical characterizations, target animal safety studies and medicines residue testing.


The world animal health products industry has continued to thrive in the past decade. With more countries began to invest heavily in research and development of new animal drug types, the sales of veterinary drugs have steadily increased. Take the United States as an example. Statistic shows there exist more than 200 veterinary pharmacies and over 150 veterinary biological products factories in the United States, which contributed 3.3 billion US dollars annual sales.


However, in recent decades, it is not easy to discover new vet drugs due to limitations of long discovering time, expensive cost and difficult development process. Therefore, drug research and development-related enterprises and institutions have increased demands on R&D-related service providers of high professionalism and stability which covers a full range of services. As one of the providers, Lifeasible provides services of physicochemical characterizations, target animal safety studies and medicines residue testing.


Physicochemical characterization is one of the most essential stages to complete in the development of new animal drugs, aiming to guarantee the right identification. A range of services for physicochemical characterization during the development of veterinary medicines in Lifeasible is important to evaluate aspects of your medicine including but not limited to environmental impacts and active ingredients, thus to gear all regulatory requirements.


The basic rule for creating a drug is to ensure its safety. Equipped with the cutting-edge testing technologies and experts, Lifeasible provides not only toxicity studies for specific animal species by in vitro and in vivo testing services but also tolerance studies via a series of support services such as clinical pathology and histopathology statistical analysis.


In addition, medicines residue testing is a necessity during development. Residues of veterinary drugs refer to the prototype drugs or the metabolites accumulated in the body or products. The main veterinary drugs which are more likely to cause excessive veterinary drug residues in animal-derived foods are mainly antibiotics, sulfonamides, furans, anti-parasitics and hormonal drugs. Experts in Lifeasible will completely test the residues based on our powerful database and specific data will be provided after testing.


The development of new veterinary drug formulations will be in the direction of science and practicality. Sustained release agents, long-acting controlled release agents and transdermal absorbents for antibacterial and antiparasitic drugs will be widely developed and applied. The development of sustained release agents with growth promoters implanted in will attract more attention. In addition, in the development and application of common drugs, the bioavailability of the drug should be emphasized.


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