Creative Biolabs Launches Custom Monkey, Shark and Sheep Antibody Discovery Service

New York, US–July 01, 2019Recently, Creative Biolabs, a well-known service supplier in antibody production and engineering, enriched its Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform by introducing the monkey, shark and sheep discovery service. With decades of experience in the field, the company has the powerful capability to supply its global customers with high-quality native monoclonal monkey, shark and sheep antibodies with high affinity and specificity.


Monoclonal antibodies play a big role in the treatment of a host of diseases, such as cancer, autoimmune diseases and infections. Hence, their production has solicited broad attention from the industry and academia. Undoubtedly, the introduction of monkey, shark and sheep antibody discovery service from Creative Biolabs marks a new advance forward for the manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies. Thanks to their respective strengths, monoclonal antibodies derived from the three animals become incredible sources of human therapeutic antibody development.


“Monkeys, sharks and sheep have their own unique advantages as sources of human therapeutic antibodies. As is known, monkeys have a close phylogenetic relationship with humans. Experiments have showed that they are similar, both microbiologically and immunologically, to human beings. Clinical trials confirmed this point, as well. Monkey antibodies have extremely high specificity and affinity. Over the past decade, many of the advances in antibody discovery and development are distributed to the research about monkey antibodies. Our monkey antibody introduced this time has robust performance in drug development and humanization,” said a scientist from Creative Biolabs.


“Sharks are cartilaginous fishes that take antibodies as part of their adaptive immune system. Besides the common IgM and IgW, they produce a rare antibody known as IgNAR, which has a relatively smaller size and marvellous stability. Thus, they are not only able to function normally in extreme conditions, but to reach the spots that regular-sized antibodies cannot reach. Given this strength of theirs, our company adopts the antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology to achieve the high-throughput generation of the candidate shark antibody in one step.”


“Sheep are considered another option for large-scale antibody production. For one thing, since they can produce antiserum in quantities, total antibody products from a single animal can be acquired. For another, native antibodies from immunized sheep generally come with striking binding affinity and epitope recognition capability. Pepscan analysis has proved that they can recognize a wide range of heterogeneous epitopes. Therefore, they have broad applications in basic antibody research. In a word, the monoclonal antibodies derived from the three animals have their unique advantages and will play significant parts in biological research.”


The production of monoclonal antibodies is a hot issue in the antibody research. Given their great affinity and specificity, the monoclonal antibodies derived from the three animals are of great significance as sources of human therapeutic antibodies. With the development of biological science and technology, research about monoclonal antibody production may as well go deeper and deeper, probably involving other animals as the new sources.


About Creative Biolabs


Creative Biolabs is a leading custom service provider, boasting rich experience in antibody production and engineering. Its service portfolio includes mouse and rat monoclonal antibody production using hybridoma technology, human, monkey, rabbit, chicken, dog, llama and camel monoclonal antibody production using various antibody library technologies. In addition, the company also conducts in-depth antibody humanization and affinity maturation.

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