Shen Adelaide Introduces a New and Improved Acupuncture Services in Adelaide

Shen Adelaide Introduces a New and Improved Acupuncture Services in Adelaide

Shen Adelaide is happy to announce that acupuncture treatment is now accessible easily and reasonably for the residents and workers in Adelaide’s CBD. The acupuncture clinic utilizes the services of professionals who are well certified, knowledgeable, and trained in acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and remedial massage. All these people aimed at offering people the best acupuncture and wellness treatments for their clients.

Today, more and more adults in the country are utilizing alternative medicine to cure what ails them. Even though holistic treatments are known ‘complimentary’ to mainstream medical treatment, most of them have been used across the globe as pillars to conventional health care. For instance, acupuncture has been exercised in China since 100 B.C. Acupuncture isn’t only a random use of needs. However, it is an old Chinese practice, which enhances the balance and follows of Qi within the body.

Shen Adelaide strives to offer the best acupuncture services for their clients. “At Shen Adelaide, we strive to offer our clients the best of our acupuncture therapy. We continually widen our knowledge by participating in various programs,” said Damian Carey, owner of the acupuncture clinic Adelaide“The setting of our clinic is open and conveniently located, and our practitioners are very friendly and personable.”

Shen Adelaide’s clinical practice adopt a tradition that goes back thousands of years when Taoist philosophy combined with a powerful observation of environmental factors of vital physics to forge a robust system of medicine. The effectiveness of this old system is proved by modern scientific research, and it provides profound benefit for the contemporary world.

The acupuncture Adelaide clinic strives to offer their patients with the best out of acupuncture therapy. They are equipped with a practitioner who is certified and licensed in acupuncture therapy with decades of clinical experience. They also noticed many individuals are afraid of needles. Nonetheless, there’s nothing to be scared of.

Acupuncture is painless, as most of their patients have been able to surpass their fears have testified. Individuals who are suffering from sciatica, arthritis, and fibromyalgia could benefit from acupuncture without the adverse side effects the majority of prescription medication typically taken for those conditions offer.

The acupuncture near me clinic is confident that patients will receive the best from their team of professional health practitioners. They provide affordable services for their patients. Shen Adelaide has a team of extremely experienced and certified health providers led by Damian Carey and Deborah Burrows, who have many years of combined experience in the industry.

Their new services also provide acupuncture with psychotherapy, meditation classes, Traditional Chinese medicine, pulse diagnosis, and other services. Detailed curriculum vitae of the practitioners of Shen Adelaide are also available on the website.

About Shen Adelaide

Shed Adelaide is an Acupuncture clinic with Chinese and Alternative medicine located in Adelaide, SA offering therapies for chronic pain, stress and anxiety, women’s health and other conditions. Founded and owned by Deborah and Damian, the clinic is dedicated to help their patients move forward and to make the most of their lives. Deborah is a remedial massage therapist and psychotherapist, while Damian is a Chinese herbal medicine practitioner and acupuncturist.  They are composed of a team of professional health care consultants providing Shiatsu Massage, Remedial Massage, Psychotherapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Acupressure, and more.

To learn more about Shen Adelaide and their services, call Damian Carey at 0421 599 841 or send him an email at [email protected]. Visit their website at


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