Pointnity network aims to solve the problem of blockchain synergy expansion using powerful blockchain applications

Pointnity network aims to solve the problem of blockchain synergy expansion using powerful blockchain applications

With the accelerated development of blockchain technology, many times we encounter some bottlenecks in development. The most typical closed island problem is particularly serious. If the traditional blockchain can no longer meet all functional needs, the synergy of bridges becomes really narrow in the true sense. Luckily enough, there is a new project in the blockchain field, named “Pointnity Network”, which is built with a fully asynchronous concurrency system. A blockchain seamless bridge, in the study of its white paper, found that it can not only solve the development of interactive bottlenecks but also can be a good high-power carrier for decentralized systems, and its unique architectural design is the most attractive.

Some of the major features of Pointnity network are as follows:

  • High-performance network based on Pi-calculus which means the users can modify the architecture to make improvements to suit their needs.
  • It exponentially increases the instantaneous throughput and concurrent processing power of the network by infinitely expanding the concurrent virtual machines, which helps the framework to achieve all the business applications.
  • The network security is ensured using function-based random verification and penalty mechanism.
  • The application power of the network is improved via real-time, resource detection, and system scheduling capabilities.

One point is that the dynamic coupling processing system based on PI calculus and the advanced Casper consensus algorithm can maximize the asynchronous concurrency performance, thus realizing the transformation of the blockchain from a theoretical level to a high-level commercial application. It will see not only a blockchain individual who is alone but a group that is free to change. Center collaboration of the world!

Pointnity network will be composed of innovative blockchain applications that will solve the problem of blockchain synergy expansion, fueling the future growth and development of the blockchain technology. It is a multi-chain cross-link interactive blockchain system that is developed to be highly compatible, infinitely scalable, and high-throughput for addressing the existing blockchain barriers.

It’s worth noting that it seems to be the first completely asynchronous decentralized system so far, which can truly achieve efficient system operation. This is an innovative project that is worthy of attention!  More information about the Pointnity can be found on their official website.

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