MiiX Financial Group Positively Disrupts Industry With Two Breakthrough Mortgage Products

Forget everything known about residential mortgages; MiiX Financial Group is bringing innovative alternatives and changing-up the mortgage industry.

July 2, 2019 – There are probably few things as frightening and frustrating in life as buying a home and obtaining a mortgage. Considering how long it can take to save for a deposit, build-up credit scores, find the perfect home and then sign on the dotted line, these factors can put a major life milestone into complete slow motion.  Fortunately, now not just one but two new industry-changing products are about to launch with just this kind of situation held firmly in mind, thanks to the masterminds at MiiX Financial.

“We are proud to be doing things differently, in fact, doing things never done in this space before,” commented Kevin Marcus, spokesperson from MiiX Financial Group. “Not only are we making homeownership more attainable, but we are also providing mortgage products that contain built-in safeguards which secure homeownership for a lifetime by taking into consideration life-changes before they occur, not after, the way mortgages should be.”  MiiX Financial offers 100% no money down mortgage financing based on client’s futures – not on their past, making credit scores a non-factor.  

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According to MiiX Financial, the two groundbreaking options they will be providing are first, the MiiX Residential Mortgage, a stand-alone no money down residential mortgage which, if the MyMiiX option is chosen, can combine and finance other financial obligations, such as utilities, car payments, insurance premiums and other debts, into one affordable monthly mortgage payment amortized over 30-years at a fixed rate of 4.5%.

The second option is the MiiX One Mortgage or “M.O.M.”, the nation’s first one-time for-life mortgage which grows with the client for the remainder of their life. It can even effortlessly and quickly “move” with the client if they move from one home to another, something that is a first and unique in the industry.  “You can depend on “M.O.M.” for life,” claimed Marcus, indicating that the MiiX One Mortgage is the most adaptable and cost-effective mortgage to ever be presented.  Specifically, because a MiiX One Mortgage is a one-time application which results in a mortgage that grows with the client’s income and equity over time. As a “M.O.M.” mortgage holder, selling and buying a new home is as easy as requesting a cost-effective transfer of your mortgage to the new property address at a fraction of the cost.

“The major differentiating factor behind a MiiX Mortgage is the MiiX Mortgage Guarantee,” said Marcus.  “The MiiX Mortgage Guarantee is long term collateral lodged with each MiiX Mortgage which safeguards against mortgage defaults, consequently, stabilizing the mortgage, housing and banking industries, thus, making MiiX Mortgages affordable and available to practically everyone.”  

Needless to say, the excitement surrounding MiiX Financial is high, with the official launch date scheduled for August 26th, 2019.

At this time, MiiX Financial is in the final stage of vetting various Fixed Income Broker-Dealers to streamline the projected large volume of interest in the MiiX Mortgage byproduct, the MiiX Financial Secured Investment, which is also expected to positively disrupt the bond markets and give the 30 Year Treasury a solid run for its money.

MiiX Financial prides themselves on investing in their client’s future – not on their past. More detailed information about MiiX Mortgages can be found at https://www.MiiX.Financial.

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