Kasbah Grill Adds Even More Choices for Diners on Its Dine-In Appetizer Selection

Among the seemingly countless restaurants around New York City, there’s one restaurant which has stood out and continues to bring in diners from all over. Kasbah Grill, a kosher restaurant in NYC, is renowned for its extensive menu, delectable dine-in selections, and its catering services, perfect for all occasions. Today, it expands its menu even more with a broader array of appetizers.

UNITED STATES – Authentic is as authentic gets in a restaurant like the Kasbah Grill. The restaurant has become a veritable institution among foodies in the Big Apple, and it doesn’t disappoint with its brilliant selection of specialty dishes, entrees, appetizers, salads, soups, and more. This grill and restaurant has stood the test of time with its great ambiance and its spectacular selection of food, including sushi rolls and fish rolls, tempura rolls, grilled chicken platters, Black Angus steaks, ribs, gourmet wraps, garlic club sandwiches, and deli sandwiches, Black Angus burgers, and a lot more.

Anyone who walks into this restaurant will be greeted by friendly and enthusiastic staff, and the portions are huge as well, great for their price. And now, the Kasbah is happy to announce some more brilliant additions to its appetizer selection too.

Appetizers whet the appetite (hence the name) before a big meal, and these appetizers do just that. The selection now available at the restaurant includes heavy favorites such as chicken wings and grilled barbecue spareribs and barbecue beef rolls. But it also includes some new specialties such as ‘Texas nuggets’, breaded and fried chicken fingers with the restaurant’s house-made barbecue sauce, and ‘Beef cigars’, spiced and marinated beef which is rolled into puff pastry dough and baked until golden. Another premium addition to the appetizer selection is the Israeli Portobello mushroom and falafel platter, which is served with Techina, an Israeli salad, and two pitas straight from the grill. The selection now includes the famous ‘Kasbah quackers’ as well, which is chicken nuggets in duck sauce, a delectable dark meat appetizer that’s sure to stimulate the palate.

The appetizer options at the Kasbah also include sushi rolls and tempura rolls, and its sushi appetizers are a great crowd-pleaser. These include peppered spicy tuna rice cakes, tuna tataki, spicy tuna tartare, kani or seafood salad, seafood naruto, mango tuna salad, and the popular vegetarian tower and ‘Kasbah tower’.

About the company:

Kasbah Grill is a NY-based restaurant specializing in kosher food, including grilled meats (steaks and ribs, in particular), deli sandwiches and other deli selections, gourmet wraps, sushi and tempura rolls, and a lot more. To get more details about one of the most popular kosher restaurants in NYC, check out the restaurant’s website.

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