Atomtrans Tech Corp International Group Announces Support and Application to Join the Libra Association

Achieving large-scale payment applications and change the international financial order

Recently, Facebook released their own Cryptocurrency product called Libra which resulted to a high level of mainstream attention in the Encryption industry. Facebook along with the other founding members of the Libra Association like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Uber, Ebay and others more supports Facebook’s release of Libra, as the new stable digital currency.  The partnership of Financial and E-Commerce companies will invest $10 million each to jointly manage the digital currency for the expansion and recruitment of more verification nodes to join the growing Libra network. Atomtrans Tech Corp also announces its support on the Libra Project as the move is highly aligned with the company’s development philosophy, thus applied to join the Libra Association to achieve large-scale payment application and change the international financial order. 

Facebook aspires to upgrade to a Superbank in the digital economy with the mastery of coinage through the Libra Project. Facebook has established an extensive retail partner payment application relationship for its Libra Stabilizer. Libra’s release marks a major turning point in the global usage of cryptocurrencies, designed to create a new opportunity for responsible financial services innovation. Libra’s mission is to build a simple global monetary and financial infrastructure that powers billions of people.

Having issued legal currency debt collateral, Libra promotes itself as a new decentralized Blockchain, with low volatility cryptocurrency and a smart contract platform. Libra’s Three Technical Foundations are: Designing and using the Move Programming Language; The Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus approach and Adopting and iterating over a wide range of Blockchain data structures.

Founded in 2017, Atomtrans Tech Corp International is a financial service provider with a Philippine Central Bank license and is headquartered in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The Company successfully launched ATC Remittance, ATC Payment and ATC Digital Currency Exchange. The Company has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with China UnionPay Electronic Payment Co., Ltd. and UnionBank of the Philippines, and exclusively representing the Philippine-China remittance products, creating remittance and fund settlement new ecology.  The overall operation and capital flow are subject to government supervision to ensure fund security.

Atomtrans Tech Corp is a global financial technology service company. It has established offices and expanding the business in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan and Argentina, etc.

In addition, the Company made substantial investments in sponsoring a total of 47 matches of the Spanish La Liga, one of best professional football leagues in Europe and the world.

Atomtrans Tech Corp International has built a great partnership with Libra to join the Libra Association’s operational verification node. Atomtrans Tech Corp International will promote Libra development in the Philippines and expand the Southeast Asian market, applying Libra Stabilization Coin to its ecosystem, and will block the entire blockchain. The industry has far-reaching implications. This behavior may drive the growth of the entire digital currency and promote the popularity of cryptocurrencies in institutional and individual users, designed to enable large-scale payment applications and change international financial processes and order.

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