BOB Public Chain: Re-launch the world and let every payment be related to everyone

Singapore – On June 28, 2019, Singapore’s BOB public chain was released globally and the second “Things circulate all over the world; Money circulates all over the world.” Global Summit Forum has been held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Singapore BOB Technology Foundation Company limited and Willett Cambodia Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on BOB’s bottom supply chain, officially announcing that Willett will become an application service provider for the BOB Technology Foundation in Singapore.

With block chain as the underlying technology, BoB public chain creatively proposed the world’s first “connecting things with money” business model. BOB’s supply draws on the advantages of bitcoin and distributed book technology to redefine traditional concepts such as assets, currencies, property rights, investments and transactions. The C, B and F ends can reach a consensus through the ecosystem established by BOB’s supply chain and through mutual benefits, thus constructing a set of decentralized and highly trusted value transmission and exchange ecosystem.

The concept of connecting things with money is a new advanced theory based on the dual technologies of mobile payment and digital currency. Maximize the investor’s principal and income by opening modern money online payment settlement gateways and digital cash bidding for gold and real rights. Through the commodity trading and circulation, the application scenario of payment settlement is continuously developed, and finally the closed loop of logistics and gold flow is realized.

Mr. Lu, the head of BOB public chain technology team, believed that DLT will provide all the organizations under the current social system with the necessary advantages, effectively enhanced the competitiveness of each link in all aspects of market circulation, and truly empowered supply chain nodes. As the first person to understand the value of the public chain of BOB, General Mao Chiwen pointed out at the meeting: “The blockchain technology will further flatten the international trade supply chain, thus helping to reduce the internal operating costs of all links in the circulation. The key to change the pattern of the world was to start with payments so that every payment and settlement can bring benefits to the participants, bringing together the power of everyone and maximizing the re-launch of the world.”

In addition, Singapore’s BOB Technology Foundation also proposed to establish an ecological alliance with BOB public chain as the bottom technology layer and CPT as a common settlement tool to achieve a consensus on technical and commercial applications. Through continuous ground application, the BOB Ecological Alliance would open up the cross-border gold flow payment, real logistics service matching and settlement, on-site settlement and liquidation of all sectors in the future consumption environment, and realized the highest mission of building an international payment platform with CPT as the bottom layer of payment and settlement.

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