ETCC (Entertainment trade chain company) International Foundation will lead the new trend

Since 2011, entertainment, games and cultural industries have witnessed blowout-like development. Pan-entertainment industries, such as film and television, games, animation, literature, digital music, live broadcasting and artist brokerage, have witnessed rapid growth. In 2017, the market size exceeded 700 billion.

In the global entertainment sector, including courtyard, TV series, artist brokerage, digital music, live broadcasting, animation, games and other industrial sectors. In the global market operation, it is impossible to integrate all the sectors of statistics and reasonably. This is the pain point in the whole pan-entertainment industry. Each operation system and the mode of checkout can not reach the decentralization.

At present, the global game industry chain presents the development of industrial blowout type, and the annual growth of the participating players is 80%. The industry chain involves game development, game application scene, game line APP, game supplier, game player and so on. In the traditional game industry, the pain points, such as becoming more centralized, assets cannot be transferred, information can be stolen at any time, has yet to be solved.

First of all, games are the most digitalized products, and any online game, whether on the PC or the mobile, is actually in the form of data. There are a lot of transactions and contracts in the game, block chain Entertainment Trade Foundation International Group is registered in the United Kingdom and has a number of legal international licences. Its industrial chain, which covers global finance, real estate, tourism, hotels, gaming, and digital assets, aims to target the world’s two highest value-added sunrise industries in 2018, namely, gaming and digital assets. Determined to create the first “block chain public chain network gaming entertainment platform” will be a perfect combination of gambling and block chain, to create a real landing block chain digital assets – “ETCC CHAIN”.

Group Malaysia Imperial Lexis Luxury Apartment is located in Kuala Lumpur project location, with excellent geographical location, located in the city center of Kuala Lumpur. The surrounding facilities are perfect and medical, food, housing and transportation gather.

Landmark: 800 meters from Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers

Transportation: 200 meters from the Conlay Station (expected to be completed in 2021)

Shopping: 300 metres from the Baiweinian Shopping Center

Leisure: 200 meters from Kuala Lumpur International Convention and Exhibition Center

Scenic Spots: 250 meters from Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan Park

Group Thai Real Estate Venetian Deluxe Real Estate. Excellent location, a panoramic view of the Bay

PANDEX group launched the send chain, English named PAI LISK is the only state to issue contracts based on square tokens as mother coins, overseas platform, brought together the world’s top block chain experts 2 years of development and build the AI and VR technology, the global entity linked virtual industry pay into cash. A new economic system of real pay. Pai lisk will list on the famous blockchain plattform in Japan and Dubai as well. Pai lisk will lead the new trend of the times.

PAI LISK will be launched in October this year on Japan’s largest exchange then on Dubai, South Korea and other trading platforms Blockchain Platform

The future has come, new models, new trends-public blog chain grand opening blocks of the first year of the new century, let us embrace the digital assets of the new industrial wealth!

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