New home for Innerscents Aromatherapy and Sleepwell Range

New home for Innerscents Aromatherapy and Sleepwell Range

Innerscents Aromatherapy announces new ownership and a new location this summer: the brand responsible for products like the bestselling Sleepwell Pillow Spray and aromatherapy kits for everything from jetlag to staging the perfect romantic night in. Innerscents Aromatherapy will now be based in the artist’s paradise of Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, and the new owners are looking forward to introducing their unique, freshly made products to the area and the world beyond, with their safe yet effective, beautifully (and environmentally soundly) packaged range of blends which are now available on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Facebook and website

About Innerscents Aromatherapy

Founded in 1995, by a partnership of qualified and creatively inspired aromatherapists, Innerscents Aromatherapy has spent over 20 years developing and testing a range of essential oil blends and products that really work … blends like Hug and Wake Up are safe, easy to use and designed to promote wellbeing and help with specific issues such as sleep problems and anxiety, or even hangovers and jetlag. They also enhance activities like meditation and yoga.

From the start, the Innerscents Aromatherapy essential oil-based products proved the darling of the hotel industry: substituting the traditional pillow mint with a miniature Sleepwell Pillow Spray was an idea loved by jaded travellers and earned the company rave reviews and a loyal customer base from all over the world.

New owner Siân looks forward to using the new platforms and new area to introduce the much loved and effective blends to a wider audience of sleep-hungry, tense and stressed out individuals and is also excited about launching new related products: a Sleepwell range of candles – something fans have been asking for – is coming soon, and Siân hopes the introduction of free postage for UK customers will further encourage aromatherapy fans to try the life-enhancing, luxurious Innerscents Aromatherapy blends.

The aromatherapy products and kits are 100% natural, carefully formulated, freshly blended and gorgeously fragrant, but the aromatherapists who designed these blends to relax, comfort or energise and support the mind, body and spirit, didn’t always choose the essential oil most expected. For example, the essential oil fragrance most noticeable in the bestselling Pillow Spray, is petitgrain, not the equally present, most famous for sleep enhancement, lavender. This is great for those who have sleep problems but aren’t so keen on lavender.  Neroli essential oil is one of the ingredients in the Sleepwell bath, massage and lotion range, and is probably most responsible for the heady, gorgeous scents of these blends. Happily, as well as having an exotic, evocative aroma, both sensual and relaxing, it’s also currently very popular for its anti-aging benefits!

Naturally, with so much attention having been devoted to creating an environment of wellbeing and tranquillity for customers, all the products are safe, free from artificial ingredients, ethically sourced, cruelty free and respect the earth. Most of the range contains organic ingredients and is packaged in recyclable glass or aluminium bottles, avoiding plastic where possible.

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