Steady Cam video for his hit single “Sublime Summer” is now available for download and stream on youtube and other platforms.

Los Angeles-based rapper Steady Cam has released a music video for his single “Sublime Summer.” With his single “Sublime Summer” doing great on digital streaming platforms with over 100,000 streams, he brings the music video for the world to view. The musical talents of this wonderful artist are showcased in this infectious hit single and the video.

Steady Cam is a versatile artist. In his music, you can find songs with Beat and Groove, and on the other side, you can feel the dreaminess with a melancholy expression that is led by his smooth voice. You can find many diverse influences in songs while he’s always looking for the sound he connects to. He always releases songs that thrill the fans.

“In this day in age, the visual is the key. The quality and the message behind the video really stands out and reinforces the message I am trying to pass with the song,” says Steady Cam, he continues, “It’s something that people attune yet another sense to.”

“Sublime Summer” delivers Steady Cam’s unique style of versatile music that his fans have always expected. The song is an emo/chill hip hop that deals with “the depression that resonates with me; experiencing darkness while being surrounded by light. The bright beautiful sounds of summer contrast with my jaded grim mindset. It’s the feeling of everything is happy around me, why am I still depressed”

“Sublime Summer” is a very well well-thought-out and organized release from Steady Cam. The single contains rich lyrics and good beats that is very enjoyable in terms of entertainment. “Sublime Summer” is a gem that is not only melodious but has the potential to help lift the soul of the listener and bring them happiness. Every person who has listened to “Sublime Summer” has been blown away and can’t stop pushing the replay button. The music video also reflects this dynamic contrast.

Fans can catch the video of “Sublime Summer “on Steady Cam YouTube channel:

The song is available on this link:



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