Jam Agency is opening a Google Ads Agency in US

We are Google Ads agency, you already have advertising campaigns, but you want to get the most out of them? We will conduct an audit and give a guarantee! We work according to the payment model for KPI project. We set up and maintain Google Ads, make reports, help improve the site.

Why you can trust us?

  • We have the status of a certified display advertising agency and team of 12 specialists.
  • Focused only on Google Ads and write the expert blog.
  • We tell in detail about our projects, all results are confirmed by documents.
  • We are featured in Cossa, VC, Searchengines, Netology and other industry publications.

What do we offer?

Audit → Offer → End-to-end analytics → Google Ads campaigns → Optimization

Audit: conducting audit of advertising campaigns, site and analytics systems, looking for growth points.

Proposal: based on the audit, we develop a payment model for KPI and a forecast of changes in KPI.

End-to-end analytics: we collect all data into Google Analytics or ROIStat and build online reports.

Advertising campaigns: we agree on a map of search coverage and launch campaigns.

Get a proposal

After you leave a request: interview ~15 minutes → guest audit access ~15 minutes → audit within 2 days → proposal approval → first iteration start. In our experience, it is real to start doing something in 2-3 days.

Approach description

Adjustment of advertising campaigns is carried out by iterations. Each iteration lasts no more than a month. At the beginning of each iteration, we set the tasks and coordinate them with you, determine the budget for their implementation. Tasks are performed according to the priority of return on investment (ROIC), that is, first of all, those that will bring you more profit. At the end of each iteration, we report on the completed work and set new tasks for the next iteration.

The second sense of the approach is that each task passes through 4 stages: idea → implementation → data collection → efficiency measurement. This allows you to link each task directly to the effect on your profit.

The simplicity of the approach allows you to easily integrate the Google Ads agency team with the client, for example, to implement CRM, and you can monitor the progress of work in real time. This eliminates the appearance of phantom tasks and simulation activities.

Media Contact
Company Name: Jam Agency
Contact Person: Pavel
Email: Send Email
Phone: +1 (332) 208-14-02
Address:57 W 57th St
City: New York
Country: United States
Website: https://1jamagency.com/