HuniBit, Starting Off As The Next Generation’s Technology Pioneer

HuniBit, Starting Off As The Next Generation’s Technology Pioneer
Challenging to Popularize Vein Scanners For Pets And Blockchain

July 2, 2019 – In the new industrial age, a pioneer develops technology systems to challenge and improve the quality of life.

HuniBit is leading the technology era and is developing a technology and reaching the public for real life application.

Globally, the popularity of pets that are deemed as a lifelong partner is growing at an unprecedented speed.

However, there are also disadvantages as the pet industry grows.

In Korea, for example, animal registration is becoming more and more difficult due to the high cost and adverse effects of embedded chips in the animal’s body.

HuniBit Co., Ltd. introduced a patent-based system that can overcome the disadvantages of the existing animal registration’s complex system.

They launched the ‘Huni Animal Registration Scanner’, which is a device that can be used to easily register animal’s unique information, i.e. animal ID, by capturing a snapshot of the vein of the animal’s ear with an animal vein scanner.

It is receiving a lot of inquiries and interest from pet owners due to its low cost, high efficiency, and more humane method than the existing animal registration system (inserting a chip inside the animal) with low cost and high efficiency than existing animal registration (chip insertion).

When a vein photograph of the pet is taken using the scanner, a number code is created that is unique to each pet which is then stored in a database.

Using this information, various services available to pet animals such as pet shops, veterinary hospitals, pet salons, etc., are available at a discounted price, and the purchased items or medical records of the pets are stored in the pre-registered serial number.

Additionally, it also aims to make it a requirement by the government to register each household’s pets. By registering the scanner, pet owners can easily solve the problem of pet loss issues and in addition to various services, pet owners can also treat their pets with more responsibility.

All of this information is stored in a blockchain server and is stored securely with strong security. It functions as a medical chart when visiting an animal hospital and also has a critical role in confirming the identity of an individual when registering for a pet insurance.

HuniBit Co., Ltd., which has been working toward one goal since 2017, is now in the final stages of its development. 

HuniBit Co., Ltd., representative Kim Kwan-ho stated, “There have been various cases of high profitability for registrations and measurements such as when the measurement of fine dusts via IOT(Internet of Things) gave the solution and current status of the air environment, while the elimination of the middle certification stage in marine trade insurance for proving the origin of the meat has also proved its high profitability.” “The Huni Scanner will dramatically improve the emotional burden and cost side of pets for inserting built-in chips into animals.”

According to a company official, “There are various ways to register animals, including facial recognition method, intravenous method, etc., however, in face recognition, taking a dog as an example, more than 300 hybrid breeds of two or more hybrid breeds makes it difficult to recognize the identity of individuals because of their different color or length, and even in the case of inscription, there are many cases where puppies rub their noses in soil or grass that results in gradual variation of its noses.

Huni Scanner researchers have come up with the solution that the biometric information of the vein does not change over time.

Registering an animal using a scanner is becoming an issue. The vein of the animal taken by the scanner is serialized through a series of algorithms and stored in a central server with big data. It will be replaced by a secure code from a computer server and will be available for inspection by veterinarians, government and public authorities.

The Huni animal registration scanner development team can also solve the problem of lost dogs and return to the rightful owner. In addition, this technology is not limited to pets but can also be used to prevent missing child incidents.

HuniBit Co., Ltd. will open soon through membership services and this will all begin at the Huni Life Center.

All of HuniBit’s technology services will be conducted at the Huni Life Center, which is expanding nationwide.

Institutions and organizations are expecting for this technology to play an important role in resolving various issues.

According to the company, this practical and popular project will be verified with the listing of a top global cryptocurrency exchange in June and will soon provide its platform to overseas.

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