Music Transfer Just Got Easier with MusConv

MusConv helps to transfer music between various streaming platforms to avoid manual labor of creating new playlists every time an individual switch to another app.

London, UK – July 03, 2019 – When tons of streaming platforms have come up, it might be a hassle to have the same songs on every platform. MusConv has made this easier by transferring all the songs across any kind of platform be it Spotify, Apple Music, or more. It is available for both Mac as well as windows and works like a charm. This is a great help to make sure a user does not sit and spend hours transferring songs and finding the same ones to create an identical playlist.

MusConv has a very easy to use interface. When you start it up, select the app that you want to transfer songs from. After that, you select the playlists or the songs that you need to be followed by the app that you want to copy them to. It will hardly take a few minutes to get your exact same playlist duplicated onto the other app. This process can take a lot of time when done manually.

With new apps coming into the market every day, consumers want to try out different platforms and see which fits them in the best possible way. However, in this process, the songs that they like or the playlists they have made in the previous app are left behind. Many times, those playlists have been curated after a lot of hard work which means when trying out a new app, the entire playlist will have to be created once more. The user will have to find every one song and then create a new playlist. This entire step will be performed by MusConv effortlessly.

MusConv also provides various comparisons between pre-existing apps that would help users select the best app. In Soundcloud VS Spotify, MusConv says that Soundcloud might have just started from the scratch but Spotify undoubtedly has the highest and the best quality audio.

When talking about YouTube to Apple Music, using MusConv will make the entire process easy to transfer the playlists from one platform to another. In the same way, transfers can be done from Spotify to Amazon music as well. Entire playlists will be transferred without any kind of effort by MusConv. Likewise, YouTube being the oldest of the platforms of the majority of the people, it can be the case that it has the oldest playlists that we created. These can be transferred easily as well. YouTube playlists can be transferred to Sound-cloud without any effort making YouTube to soundcloud an easy process.

About MusConv

MusConv will become a very handy playlist manager tool in the world where people are constantly switching their streaming music platforms. It will ease up the entire process, making it very handy for all kinds of users. Its compatibility with Mac as well as Windows removes any barriers as it can reach users using both kinds of software. It supports the majority of the streaming platforms and the most popular ones making the process adaptable for many users across the world.

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